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People (1990-1991)

Visuals: On a single-colored background, there is a differently-colored rectangular box with the text "TV COMEDY NETWORK" below it. Inside the box, we usually see a person/object/animal along with the 3D text "HA!" next to them, while TV simulation and static usually take over the ID affecting it to change to another ID or something different.

Variants: There are several variants for this ID:

  • Old Man: There is the HA! logo on a light purple background with the box in lime green and the text "HA!" in indigo and orange. There is an old man on the left saying "HA!", causing TV simulation to take over the whole thing leaving the ID stretched into horizontal lines, and the old man says "HA!" several more times, causing the lines to wave a bit. Then the old man appears while weakly screaming while the rest of the entire logo starts to turn back to normal.
  • Abruption: There is the HA! logo on a pink background with the box in yellow and the text "HA!" in orange and blue. There is a girl saying "HA!", then TV static abrupts the ID, changing it to another one with the words "HA!" and "TV COMEDY NETWORK" scrambled around and the background in orange, the box in blue, and "HA!" in pink and green. Then, a toy frog's head comes from the top of the box and opens its mouth, and TV static abrupts the ID again, changing to yet another ID with all the letters scrambled similar to the previous image, and a yeti with flashing red eyes on the right opening its mouth and blowing all the letters to the left, with the background in lime, the box in gold, and "HA!" in purple and blue. Then it gets abrupted one more time by TV static to change to one more ID with the background in blue, the box in red, and "HA!" in yellow and purple, and a rubber duck on the left moving its eye and mouth a little.
  • Abruption 2: There is the HA! logo on a blue background with the box in pink and the text "HA!" in yellow and blue. There is a girl saying "HA!", causing TV static to abrupt the ID and change to a different ID with "tv comedy network" in a stretched bold font, the box in a round rectangular shape like a TV, and the background in pale teal, and grainy black and white footage of a man with glasses and a cigarette on a white background next to the black text "HA!" inside the box. When the man takes his cigarette out of his mouth, he smiles towards the camera and a cream pie gets thrown into his face. The TV static abrupts the ID again, changing it back to the normal ID, but when the girl says "HA!", she says it in a deeper voice.
  • Scrolling: There is the HA! logo on a cyan background with the box in yellow and the text "HA!" in purple and green. There is a bald man saying "HA!", which causes the ID to scroll down with the same but "HA!" tumbles down while it scrolls down, with the man saying "HA!" each time, then it stops scrolling down with "HA!" returning to its normal position, but the man begins to rapidly scroll down while screaming "HAAAAAAAA!".

Technique: Depending on the variant shown. See above for the variants. All of these were made by Fred Seibert's studio, Fred/Alan.


  • Old Man: The man saying and screaming "HA!" numerous times. Static sounds can be heard when the man screams.
  • Abruption: The girl saying "HA!" while an applause can be heard, a ribbit from a frog with cricket noises in the background, the yeti growling with tribe music in the background, and the rubber duck making a squeaking noise with baby mobile music and a woman's laugh in the backgrpund. TV static can be heard each time it changes to a different ID.
  • Abruption 2: The girl saying "HA!" with ticking noises, followed by TV static and an audience laughing and applauding while old-time music can be heard, then TV static again, and then the girl saying "HA!" in a deeper voice.
  • Scrolling: The man saying "HA!" numerous times with sync noises in the background. When the ID scrolls down and "HA!" bumps into each frame, a sound similar to dices falling on the ground is heard. When the man scrolls down, he screams "HAAAAAAAAA!" in a crazy voice.

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