Dargah Bazar Ajmer/Anand Music Center/Sagar Guest House

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Logo (2000s)

Visuals: On a stock starfield background with a red curtain overlayed, a red rectangle with yellow characters in it and a white bar with a black word "CASSETTE" below spins. There is also a yellow frame around the rectangle, and a copy of the logo also spins. The curtains zoom in, and a fancy golden frame fades in. The both company's colorful name along with their number in white, look to the left and face the viewer with words "DARGAH BAZAR AJMER" spinning. The words soon "roll away", and another company name with the turquoise words "DARGAH BAZAR" rapidly zooming in and out, and the company's number in red, look to the right and face the viewer, too. The footage wipes out with a blue ring zooming out.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: "War" by Vince DiCola.

Availability: Unknown. [Examples?]

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