Angle Music

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Logo (2010's)

Visuals: On a stock space background, a CD can be seen rapidly flying towards the bottom-left corner, along with the planet earth that has a stylized golden ring around it appearing from the bottom-right corner and travels to the center, with a spotlight shining in front. After about a few seconds, a multi-colored flashing octahedron appears against the planet earth and rapidly spins in all directions and shatters into multiple pieces not so long after. This is followed by a bunch of golden particles to form the company's name "ANGLE MUSIC" left to right, staying on-screen for a few seconds. It then disappears, where we see the 3D text "PRESENTS" spinning counter-clockwise leaving a trail, where it stops face forward causing the trail to disappear.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A futuristic synth fanfare with a bunch of stock laser and sparkling sounds.

Availability: It can be see on their releases, which includes Dushman Ke Khoon Pani Ha.

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