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Telekom Romania Mobile Communications is a Romanian telecommunications company, owned by German operator Deutsche Telekom. It was founded in 1998 as Cosmorom, a sister company to its parent company at the time Romtelecom and Greek operator Cosmote. It later became the Romanian subsidiary of the latter (named Cosmote Romania), although merged with Romtelecom 9 years later, forming Telekom Romania.


1st Logo (1998-December 6, 2005)

Visuals: After the commercial itself, the Cosmorom logo and its slogan fade in until the ad is over.


  • A commercial from August 2000 features the logo on a white background zooming out after the ad's offers. Below it, the brand's slogan, Un serviciu de cuvânt, fades in. The phone number of Cosmorom, alongside the GSM logo do the same simultaneously.
  • A commercial from October 2000 features the camera spinning around near a 3D render of the Cosmorom symbol on a blue background (which eventually becomes flat and later stops). Once the animations end, the Cosmorom wordmark flashes next to the symbol.
  • A shorter version of the above endtag also exists.
  • A commercial from November 2000 shows a fade transition between the commercial and the endtag, with the Cosmorom logo, its slogan and the contact information on it. A light also shines on the Cosmorom symbol.
  • A commercial from December 2000 has "De sărbători, toată lumea câștigă la" above the Cosmorom logo, its slogan and its contact details. It was aired to show an offer for the winter holidays.
  • A commercial from February 2001 has the Cosmorom logo and its slogan zooming closer to the camera. Below it is a small notice and its contact details.
  • A commercial from March 2001 has a similar endtag to the ad from February 2001, although the notice is not present and the Cosmorom logo has a shadow.
  • A commercial from December 2001 has the Cosmorom logo, with its slogan and the GSM logo, at the bottom of a white background. Its website URL and contact information could also be seen at the left of the logo. Above the mentioned elements, the text "Abonează-te, relaxează-te și bucură-te de Sărbători!" is visible.

Technique: 2D animation. Some variants have 3D CGI.

Audio: An announcer saying "Cosmorom. Un serviciu de cuvânt.", otherwise silent or uses the music from the commercials themselves.

Audio Variant: An organ-like sound, followed by a chord and the announcer, is played on an ad from October 2000.

Availability: Very few ads of Cosmorom are available online, due to captures of Romanian TV channels at the time being hard to find. So far, only commercials from 2000 to 2001 are available, besides one from 1998.


2nd Logo (December 6, 2005-February 2010)

Visuals: On a lime background, two swooshes form at the top and bottom of the screen, flying to the right, drawing the Cosmote symbol. The symbol zooms in to the screen, revealing the full Cosmote logo, alongside its slogan at the bottom.


  • A prototype version, that not only plays out slower, but also lacks the slogan, was supposed to air on an ad in December 2005. It was scrapped, with figments of it popping up on a different commercial that has the endtag plastered by the final logo.
  • From 2005 to 2007, the slogan was "In touch with life".
  • A slower version of the 2005 logo also exists, being very similar to the prototype version.
  • On some commercials, the 2005 slogan had a thinner font.
  • A cut-off version of the 2005 logo exists as well, which starts at the zoom.
  • On the first commercial of the brand, the two swooshes form during the commercial's footage. When the C is formed, the ad fades to the lime background.
  • A different version of the 2005 variant also exists, in which two yellow bars slide at the top and bottom of the screen (and stay on it until the endtag is finished). This version stopped being used in 2006.
  • There's also a widescreen version of the yellow stripe version.
  • A slower version of the yellow endtag exists as well.
  • In June 2007, the former tagline was replaced by "Alături de tine".
  • There are also widescreen versions of both the 2005 and the 2007 logos.
  • Fast versions of both endtags exist.
  • Throughout 2009, various different endtags featuring a stop sign, in which the text "VERDE STOP INTRĂ ÎN JOC" zooms in. After the text finishes its animation, the sign flips around, revealing the Cosmote wordmark at the bottom. The symbol progressively fades in above the wordmark while an anthropomorphic cellphone slides in next to it.
  • One of the mentioned 2009 endtags contains the described logo above placed on a cellphone.
  • On an endtag featuring a glass of lemonade, the animation plays out normally, albeit the logo places itself onto a lemon (attached to the glass), after which it moves back to the middle of the screen and bounces before the sign flips.
  • During summer of 2009, the "Verde Stop" endtag was played without the Cosmote logo or the cellphone appearing.
  • Various endtags made in partnership with Cosmote's currently-online retail store were created:
    • The first ad, aired in 2006, features an Internity-Cosmote storefront, in which customers are seen shopping. Internity's URL is visible at the bottom.
    • The second one, aired in 2007, features a Cosmote employee opening the doors to another Internity-Cosmote location, after which the camera moves to other customers start entering the store. The URL is still present, albeit in a different font.
    • A 4:3 version of the Internity ad described above exists as well.
    • The third commercial, broadcasted in 2008, shows a customer talking with the cashier. The scene switches to the storefront of the Internity-Cosmote branch.
    • The fourth advertisement, aired in 2009, features the ad's content panning to the left of the screen, in which the text "NON STOP DEDICAȚI CLIENȚILOR NOȘTRI" takes its place. The background moves upward to reveal another Internity-Cosmote store.
    • The fifth advertisement, also from 2009, contains the Cosmote and Internity logos at the top of the screen and the text "non stop dedicați clienților noștri" on top of a green background.
    • The last commercial, aired in 2010, shows the commercial zooming out into a screen featuring other clips of the older Internity-Cosmote ads, with a reflection being visible below the panel. A rounded, transparent gray rectangle featuring the Internity and Cosmote logos, alongside its slogan "Non stop dedicați clienților noștri!", falls from the top of the screen.
  • In 2010, a commercial was created, in which its endtag features Romtelecom's contact details and two boxes (a green one featuring the at-the-time current Romtelecom logo and a blue one with the Cosmote logo) slide to the middle of the screen.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: The announcer saying the company's name and its slogan, otherwise the ad's background music.

Availability: No longer aired. Unlike Cosmorom, commercials using this logo are very common on the internet.

3rd Logo (February 2010-September 12, 2014)

Visuals: On a black background, with two green lights at the top and bottom of the screen, the Cosmote logo's letters and parts are being formed, spinning around one by one until the logo's animation is finished.


  • From 2010 to late 2013, their slogan at the time, "Lumea noastră ești tu", would fade below the logo, in a similar manner to the Greek company's commercials.
  • A Christmas variant of the 2010 endtag was aired in December 2012, in which snowflakes fall over the logo.
  • In 2013, the slogan was dropped.
  • In 2014, the color of the background was made slightly lighter.
  • There's also a faster version of the 2014 endtag.
  • A slower version of the 2014 endtag also exists.
  • Shorter variants of all endtags mentioned above exist.
  • During summer 2014, Cosmote had a partnership with MTV Mobile, resulting in an ad featuring the MTV mobile logo (with the text "GIF ME MORE" above it) and the Cosmote logo with its "powered by" byline below it. Cosmote's contact details are also visible under both companies' logos.

Technique: 3D CGI.

Audio: A short guitar riff or a calm string tune followed by piano notes, otherwise none or the commercial's music.

Availability: No longer aired on TV but very common to find online, as Cosmote had created its own social media profiles by now, posting its commercials.

Telekom Romania Mobile Communications

4th Logo (September 12, 2014-March 28, 2022)

Visuals: On a magenta background, the 2013 Deutsche Telekom logo bounces for half a second, after which it becomes static.


  • From 2014 to 2017, there would be a transition with boxes appearing progressively closer to the screen. All of them would be in different shades of magenta. Their slogan at the time, "Experiențe împreună", also fades next to the Telekom logo.
  • In some cases, the slogan would fade in alongside the boxes, after which it moves to the right to make space for the Telekom logo.
  • Starting with 2017, the boxes at the beginning of the endtag would be dropped.
  • Various endtags with URLs exist.
  • There is also an endtag with the 2:2:1 aspect ratio.
  • Various early ads featured a 4:3 endtag.
  • During Christmas 2014, a special ad was aired featuring the animated Telekom logo at the bottom of the screen (alongside its slogan, which fades in afterwards) behind snowflakes. Above it, a scenery containing trees is drawn. The ad's promotion slides over the drawing.
  • To promote a concert, a 2015 endtag featured the commercial itself running alongside a "powered by Telekom" byline, with no animated Telekom logo present.
  • Telekom Banking ads aired throughout 2018, featuring the "" URL.
  • In 2020, the slogan started to appear less frequently.
  • An endtag with the Romanian flag and its URL started to be used in 2020.
  • In 2021, the old slogan was replaced with "Mobil așa cum vrei".

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: The Telekom jingle. Various variants of it were made over time, changing its instruments.

Availability: All of these endtags can be found on Telekom's YouTube channel, however, but like the previous ones they don't appear on TV channels anymore.

5th Logo (March 28, 2022-)

Visuals: Over the playing commercial, the outline of the 2022 Telekom logo is being drawn, getting filled and becomes bigger after a few seconds. A magenta background later appears.


  • A version with a wider aspect ratio exists.
  • On some ads, the logo starts directly on the magenta background.
  • Starting with late 2023, after the Telekom logo's animation finishes, it slightly zooms in and simultaneously fades out to its slogan "Connecting your world".

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: The Telekom jingle.

Availability: Can be found on any channel that airs Telekom ads.

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