Miki House

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Miki Shoko Co. Ltd. (三起商行株式会社) is a Japanese children's clothing company founded in 1978, producing products underneath the Miki House brand.

Tag (1978-)

Visuals: At the end of the commercial, the text "MiKi HOUSE" appears in a red rounded font. The placement and size of the logo usually differs.


  • Some commercials, usually earlier ones, had them fade or cut to the logo in white on a red background. The colors would then invert, but in some cases it did not.
  • Taglines in Japanese may appear alongside the logo.
  • Sometimes, the logo would be animated and appear by diagonally wiping in or rising up.
  • Later commercials sometimes give the logo a faint white glow.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: The end of the commercial, along with an person saying the company name. Usually, its a man or a soft-voiced child.

Availability: Usually seen at the end of commercials for Miki House.

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