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1st Tag (2000s-2016)


  • Opening: Two live-action clips play: a woman walking through a grocery store with a shopping cart, and a female cashier scanning items. The footage is sandwiched between two wavy red bars with two lights (one on each bar) that wipe through the bars once. A white, red-outlined rounded rectangle with "BRAND POWER" on it (a red registered mark is on the rectangle as well) and a red slanted rectangle with "Facts and Value" appears and zooms in, rotating to face the camera. Once the logo is facing the camera, "Facts" flashes, followed by "Value".
  • Closing: On a red background with a wave that has two lights wiping on it is the Brand Power logo with the URL "" and "This message is sponsored by [PRODUCT BEING ADVERTISED]". The Buchanan Group logo plays below.


  • Opening Variants:
    • Starting in 2013, the tag was given a HD remake. The bars now open up at the beginning to reveal more of the footage, and the logo is 3D.
    • 15-second Fast Facts commercials have the tag shortened. In addition, a red rectangle with "Fast Facts" fades in and zooms out, plastering itself onto the logo.
  • Closing Variants:
    • HD commercials have a wider and usually brighter background.
    • On a 2014 commercial for Boost Complete, there is a green rectangle with "JOIN" on it and a black computer cursor. The cursor fades out as the "JOIN" rectangle zooms out to the left and a rectangle that is navy blue and has "HOME TESTER", as well as a white bar with "CLUB" and a female stick figure holding a red shopping cart, slides in and settles on the right. "" is below.
  • Fast Facts commercials have the "This message is sponsored by..." message over the last shot of the commercial.
  • Australian commercials have the URL changed to "".
  • Indonesian commercials have the "Facts and Value" and "Fast Facts" translated to "Fakta dan Nilai" and "Bicara Fakta" respectively and "" and "This message is sponsored by [PRODUCT BEING ADVERTISED]" removed.

Technique: CGI. The opening variant also uses live-action footage.


  • Opening: A dramatic five-note tune.
  • Closing: The reviewer from the commercial (Sally Williams in Australia) says "Brand Power: Helping you buy better."

Audio Variants:

  • The Fast Facts opening variant has the tune shortened to the last note, and a bang is heard when the "Fast Facts" rectangle plasters itself onto the logo.
    • The closing variant on such commercials has the reviewer's last lines said over it.
  • The "Home Tester Club" variant has the reviewer say "Join the club at"

Availability: The opening variant appears on all Brand Power commercials from the era. The closing variant appears on most commercials as well.

2nd Tag (2016-)


  • Opening: A red outline of a rounded rectangle flips on a white background as "BRAND POWER", with a registered mark next to the "D", turns to face the camera. The rectangle stops flipping and surrounds the text. The logo zooms in before turning to the left quickly, wiping away the tag and revealing the commercial.
  • Closing: The last shot of the commercial goes out-of-focus as a long red outline of a rounded rectangle flips in while zooming out and "BRANDPOWER.COM" zooms in. When the two meet, the background inside the rectangle fades to a translucent white. The rectangle zooms in for a second. The words "This message is sponsored by [Product Being Advertised]" fade in below during the animation.


  • Later commercials just have the logo zoom in slowly at the beginning.
    • The closing variant also starts with the footage already blurred. The animation is also shorter, and the "This message is sponsored by..." message is already there.

Technique: CGI. The closing variant also uses live-action footage.


  • Opening: A stripped-down version of the previous tag's theme.
  • Closing: Same as before, but with a clicking noise when the rectangle's background color changes.

Audio Variant: Earlier commercials use the theme from the previous tag on the opening variant.

Availability: Appears on all Brand Power commercials since 2016.

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