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Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. (江崎グリコ株式会社), better known as just Glico, is a Japanese food processing conglomerate founded on February 11, 1922 in Osaka. They are most famous for their Pocky and Pretz brands of snacks, among other famous products.

1st Tag (1971-1992)


  • 1971-1984: On a time-lapse sky background (which is different for each commercial), a white drawing of a man in running attire is seen with his arms raised up. On his top is the Katakana characters "グリコ" and a circle is seen behind him. Surrounding the man is the Japanese text "おいしさと健康" arched on top, and the English text "* GLICO * GOOD TASTE AND GOOD HEALTH *" encircling the rest of him.
  • 1985-1992: On a white background, the Running Man logo is seen on a blue rectangle, resembling a flag. Below the logo, the Japanese text "「おいしさと健康」, 私たちの願いです。" is seen.

Trivia: The logo is officially nicknamed "the running man" and is still used as a major symbol for the company. It also is prominently displayed in Osaka in the Dōtonbori district as a neon sign, installed in 1935. Prior to 2014, it was a neon sign before being replaced with a more modern LED version.


  • 1971-1984:
    • Sometimes, the text "青空, ひろがれ。" is aligned to the left and the logo shrunken a bit to the bottom.
    • The background might be a plain blue.
    • Later commercials have the logo smaller and with the text "おいしさと健康" below.
  • 1985-1992:
    • Certain commercials might have the entire background colored blue, along with added text below relating to Glico vending machines. A picture of one is seen to the right of it.
    • Starting in 1990, the original text is removed in favor of the English Glico logo of the time, which is "Glico" in a Microgramma font. The logo forms by the letters coming towards the center, with the "i" being the first letter seen.
  • International variants translate the tagline to whatever language the country uses, and also use an altered version of the Running Man. The "おいしさと健康" is replaced with the Glico logo and the text now reads "GOOD QUALITY AND GOOD TASTE". So far, only a Thai translation has been spotted, but other languages like Chinese might also exist.

Technique: Live-action, 2D animation, or a digital graphic.

Audio: The end of the commercial, or none.


  • It is seen at the end of commercials showing off their products, like Pocky, Glico Almond chocolates, Puuchin Pudding, Clool, Comecco rice crackers, ChocoNatchel, and many other products.
  • The Thai version has been spotted on a Thai commercial for Pocky.

2nd Tag (March 1992-)

Visuals: On a white background, a cursive lowercase "g" is seen towards the right, before the rest of the current "glico" wordmark writes in to the left. The dot of the "i" pops out like a droplet before falling back into place. A slight drop shadow is seen in the background.


  • The tag may run slower to accommodate the longer voice variant.
  • A few different later variants have been in use since the tag's inception.
    • Around the mid 1990s, "おいしさと健康" is seen above the logo.
    • From the 2000s to 2022, the tag appeared in the lower right corner of the screen. "おいしさと健康" is always seen above the logo, and it has a white drop shadow. Thai commercials still use this tag.
    • Starting in 2022, it returned to being in full screen, but the red is brighter, no shadow can be seen, and the tagline "すこやかな毎日、ゆたかな人生" is seen above the logo.
  • International variants also exist.
    • A Chinese version has the Chinese characters "格力高" below the logo.
    • Earlier Thai commercials, like a commercial for Collon, show the logo animating partway with a URL below. Sometimes at the bottom, a Thai rendition of the logo is seen in black, along with Thai text.
    • A Glico Wings version has the Wings Food logo behind the logo, with the "Wings" wordmark are based on the current Glico woodmark and the logo's colors are reversed. "おいしさと健康" is always seen below the Glico logo.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: A soft-sounding voice saying the company name, either in long or short forms. Some international commercials have the voice in a lower tone, .


  • It is seen on any commercial of their many products, including Pocky, Pretz, and several other products mentioned in the 1st tag. It was possibly used in tandem with the 1st tag for a few days.
  • It also appeared on the company's website.
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