Universum Kids

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Universum Kids (formerly UFA Kids) was a children's media label of UFA Home Entertainment, itself a division of Universum Film GmBH.

Logo (2002-2019)

Visuals: The camera zooms out from a bouncing orange ball, and is panning through a landscape made of cut out-esque things such as trees, flowers, buildings and lampposts, with the letters of "ufa" positioned differently. A butterfly follows the ball on its way for a while, then disappears. There is also a plane flying above and dragging a flag with the "ufa" wordmark on it, as well as a dog, a kid on a bicycle, and a firetruck passing by on the road. The camera then pans up as "ufa" appears, and the ball jumps up and explodes above the "a", creating an orange splat on which "KIDS" in white appears. "home entertainment" appears below "ufa", then the butterfly from the beginning flies by the logo.

Later Variant: In 2010, the logo was modified to fit with the closure of UFA Home Entertainment; the "ufa" wordmark was removed, and on the plane's flag and at the end, replaced with the new Universum Kids logo ("universum" with the "KIDS" splat from before, with noticeably fewer drips) in blue and orange respectively.

Technique: 3D animation mixed with 2D cut-outs.

Audio: A cheery instrumental rendition of the UFA Home Entertainment logo's music with various sound effects added in. In the logo's early years, the fanfare was quieter and there were more sound effects.

Availability: Seen on children's program DVDs released by Universum Film.

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