Missing in Action

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Missing in Action was a home video company in the United Kingdom. Although it released most of its titles themselves, it also outsourced distribution of select products to companies like Channel 5 Video Distribution, Video Gems, Video Collection International, and more recently, Prism Leisure Corporation. It later shortened its name to "MIA Video" to avoid a lawsuit.

Logo (1985-1997)

Visuals: Over a white background is the orange words "MISSING IN ACTION" with black drop shadow and in a crude action-style font (which is actually a modified version of the logo for the 1984 film of the same name). Each of the letters change to white in backwards and the screen transitions to black via a checkerboard effect.

Technique: Early computer effects.

Audio: A low whoosh at the beginning, with loud scratching noises when the letters change to white and more whooshes with twinkles as the screen goes to black.

Availability: Seen on British tapes released by Missing in Action, such as Spider-Man: The Dragon's Challenge and on various Garfield and Friends tapes. It also appears on the 1994 UK VHS of Barabbas.

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