Video Straut

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Logo (1983)

Visuals: There is a clip of a blue grid stretching itself, as the camera moves and rotates as the grid turns into an arch. We get inside to the arch as it includes orange rhombuses (which appear to be lights), a white code bar wiping to the right, red digital text being written, a green oscilloscope view, a red rectangle including numbers, and white squares which appears to have symbols. The arch changes it's shape to a flat shape as the company's logo fades in. The camera pans upper, as it includes yellow text on the upper and green sides on the lower as a rectangle (that includes cloudy footage inside it) is being wiped in. After a second, the clip turns to a TVS ident from 1982. After the TVS symbol zooms out, everything turns to black.

Technique: Scanimation.

Audio: A piece of "Racines Synthetiques" by Joël Fajerman.

Availability: Seen on Nicole.

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