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Logo (1980s)

Visuals: On a white background with some deep pink rays, the background changes shape via a line effect. The background is now duplicated on both sides to the screen. The left copy fades out, leaving the right copy. The background moves to the top-left corner to a indigo and black background with a weird white shape moving up with a trail effect. The indigo background engulfs the black background and the object settles in the middle, revealing it was a filmstrip with a V and an A on the sides with an C inside it. Beside it is the words "HOME VIDEO" stacked. The logo reverses it animation and freezes when it gets to start moving down. Two halves of an different white background with deep pink rays on the top and bottom of the screen close over the screen. The same logo fades in via an spotlight effect and zooms out. The logo stops in the middle of the screen.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: When it begins, an ominous synth tune is heard. When the background moves away, a funky beat that sounds like something from Sonic 3D is heard. When the background halves move in, a fusion jazz tune is heard This is actually a dub mix of a song called "Underground" by David Bowie.

Availability: Can be seen on children's releases from Spain, involving Russian cartoons dubbed in Spanish. [Examples?]

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