Storytime Collection

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Storytime Collection was one of the various home video labels owned by PBV Video/CEL Video. This one released various cartoons onto VHS.

Logo (1980s)

Visuals: The camera slowly zooms in toward a brown book in a darkly-lit room with a darker brown label on it reading "Storytime Collection" in a fancy cursive font. Once the camera gets close enough, the book opens up, showing nine video clips of cartoons appearing and zooming out, starting in the top right and working its way toward the bottom right. In order, the clips are:

  • Captain Future flying towards the screen (Captain Future)
  • A still of Candice "Candy" White in a picture frame (Candy Candy)
  • A still of Little Lulu, who soon turns her head (Little Lulu)
  • Buster the Bear catching fish in a stream (Fables of the Green Forest)
  • A cannon going off (Jules Verne To the Earth and the Moon)
  • Peter Cottontail dancing
  • A spaceship being shot at by lasers (Captain Harlock)
  • A strange pair of eyes peeking out from some foliage (Robinson Crusoe)
  • Captain Future's spaceship, the Comet, taking-off (Captain Future)

Then, the same Storytime Collection text zooms in.

Technique: Live action and simple transitions, while the clips all utilise cel animation.

Audio: It starts off with a synthesised fairytale-like tune ("Cumulus (A)" by Graham de Wilde) as the camera zooms toward the book, followed by a disco tune as the clips are shown.

Availability: Seen on Australian tapes of cartoons released under the label. [Examples?]