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1st Logo (1985-1987)

Visuals: There is the word "REX" (in a red sans-serif font) form slowly while zooming in on a black background. The word "FILMS" then slides from right beside the "R". Afterwards, the word "VIDEO" wipes in from below. Two half-circles then form at the top and bottom of the logo, and they are different sizes (the one at the top being much larger.) The logo then flashes, and the word "HOME", encased in a flat ribbon, appear in the middle of the half-circles.

Variant: Sometimes the background would be more bluish and the logo would look as if it were chyroned in or chroma-keyed onto a black background. The font in "Home" is different in this variant.

Technique: Traditional animation.

Audio: A bombastic fanfare of a moderate tempo, possibly overlaying a synthesizer. There is a loud drum at the end.

Availability: Appears on Greek videotapes of films like Cannibal Holocaust, Black Cobra, Beyond the Darkness, and Five for Hell, among other titles.

2nd Logo (1987-unknown retirement year)

Visuals: On a space background, a row of lines are seen on the bottom giving out flares as a elongated diamond zooms in. The space background zooms in and rotates about before cutting away to an eye shape zooming in. On the shape is the chrome text "REX FILMS", with the latter smaller. A copy zooms out and plasters itself with a trail effect, giving the entire thing a chrome texture. A yellow metallic ring then fades in around the eye shape with "HOME VIDEO" on the bottom as the background changes to a grey gradient background with a grid on the bottom and multiple lasers shooting out on the bottom.

Technique: Scanimate and traditional animation.

Audio: A rock synth tune, which is an excerpt from "Mystery and Confusion" by Blaine L. Reininger.

Availability: Appeared at the beginning of Papamanouli... ...agapi mou.

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