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NHK VooK (nicknamed "The Original Visual Book" in Japan) is an educational video distributor owned by NHK Corporation. They were known for many releases of educational content by the NHK.

Logo (1987-1993)

Visuals: The sequence begins on a blue background which contains the NHK VooK logo consisting of, the white word "VooK" with both O's connected in a style similar to glasses, with eyeball-like dots inside each O. The logo is shown rippling away as the screen changes into a rainbow spiral vortex, which shrinks and changes into a black/blue/white gradient as a shiny magnetic tape reel is revealed spinning in profile. The reel rotates away as the shiny strip comes out and forms a downwards spiral. The same reel from before appears zooming away, connected with another reel in the style of the O's from the logo, tilting into standard position, with the strip no longer visible. When the reels near the center of the screen, the "oo" design trails out into them, changing them to the connected "oo" as shown before, in a shiny golden-like texture. Two spheres are briefly seen covering the insides of the design for a second, before wiping out from above. A white arc forms below the logo, with the words "VISUAL BOOK" sliding out of it as the logo shines. The text straightens and the letters "V" and "K" appear from the sides forming the "VooK" logo. The logo changes into a blue screen where the Japanese text appears with the cursive NHK Video logomark at the center.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A tone-changing synthesized piano arpeggio followed by a descending whistle and a cartoony synth clank. The theme ends with a repeating synth theme that ends happily.

Availability: Can be seen on educational video releases from NHK Corporation. It makes a surprise appearance on Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water (both the original release and the English ADV Films dub).

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