Kam & Ronson Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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1st Logo (2004-2010)

Visuals: Fading in from black, there's a black background with blue vertical lines through it. After a few seconds, the stacked blue lines zooms out and stops to its position. It then flashes and rotates to the right to reveal the segmented word "KAM" (similar to Magnum Films). It then zooms in a bit before rotating several times as the camera zooms into it. The words "KAM & RONSON ENTERPRISE CO., LTD." transitions in below and shines, as "KAM", followed by "千勣企業有限公司", fade in above.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A dreamy synth tune followed by several whooshes and shining sounds with birds chirping at the end.

Availability: It can be seen on their releases, such as Flight Back to School 3.

2nd Logo (2010-)

Visuals: Fading in from black, there's "K" forming over a light blue computer generated background with the transparent company name, both in English and Chinese, on the right, moving. It then transitions to "A", followed by "M" forming. It then flashes to "K" finishes forming, followed by "A" finishes forming, which later rotates to show "M" finishes forming. The scene then flashes to multiple "KAM" on a same background as the camera pans through them, with each letter of two of these words floating one-by-one. Finally, the scene flashes to "KAM" forming, alongside an yellow-orange play button (which makes the "KAM" disappear) zooming out to its position, transitions to the logo's final shot and shines. The final shot consists of the play button, now located between the "A" on "KAM", with the Chinese company name "千勣企業有限公司" and the English company name "KAM & RONSON Enterprise Co., Ltd." beside it. Both company names are separated by a silver horizontal line. The play button later fades to a different one (as seen on its corporate logo).

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An electronic tune, with a loud whoosh and a faint explosion sound at the end.

Availability: Unknown. [Examples?]

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