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Golumbia Video is a Canadian video distributor in Brampton, Ontario that distributes old South Asian films to DVD. While it is unknown if they still distribute DVDs, their video store is still open to this day.

Logo (2010)

Visuals: Against a static image of a starfield, a picture of the Earth flies from the lower left to the top of the screen. This is followed up by what is presumably another Earth flying in from the lower right to the top of the screen. This is then followed up by what looks like a galaxy or a star going supernova fly from the bottom of the screen to the middle, where it explodes. Once the explosion recedes, a reddish-yellow line with trails of red light begins to draw itself into existence, drawing itself into the shape of an elephant's head. Once it is drawn, a golden ring instantly appears behind the elephant, gleams, and then the whole thing zooms out, the words "GOLUMBIA VIDEO" appearing to the left and right of the elephant's head, the distributor's address and contact information appearing beneath it.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: The earth's zooming past are accompanied by some kind of futuristic whooshing noise, the marble-nova is punctuated by a descending whistle like a firework has been launched, and an explosion sound. A rock-like bass line plays whilst the elephant's head is drawn in, and the same explosion noise is played when the ring appears, followed by a low rumbling.

Availability: The logo was seen on a DVD copy of Talaash.

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