Cineplex Home Entertainment

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An offshoot label of UK-based Parkfield Entertainment. This company has zero connections to Cineplex Odeon.

Logo (1980s-1990s)

Visuals: On a black background, a dim green "star" fades in, bubbling as it does. 4 white cubes then fly into the bubbly abyss, rotating on their flight axis as they do and meeting in the centre. After a second, the star suddenly brightens up as the cubes, now forming a larger cube with a 2x2 grid arrangement on each side zooms into the left, revolving as it does, and then slides to the left, wiping in the text "Cineplex" in a tall serif font, and stops on the right. As the star fades out, the bottom right cube then pulls away to reveal most of a red symbol made of 4 arrows pointing away from each other, and "Cineplex" shines with a diagonal white bar from right to left.

Technique: CGI and 2D computer animation.

Audio: A deep synth drone plays throughout as loud whooshes are heard from time to time, and an explosion when the star brightens up.

Availability: Seen on British VHS releases of The Evil Below and Deadly Embrace, among others.

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