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Bosko Video was a public domain distributor, who made VHS tapes (and DVDs in co-operation with Image Entertainment) of cartoons, mainly cartoons originally made by Warner Bros. Cartoons. They were named after an early Looney Tunes character, Bosko.

Logo (1988-1992, 2000)

Visuals: Against a blue background, there is a Mickey Mouse-type character, Bosko, who was the main star of Looney Tunes from 1930 to 1933, but colorized. In the top of him is "BOSKO (in a cartoony font) VIDEO (in a three-dimensional font)". Under him is "PRESENTS".


  • Bosko first appeared in Bosko the Talk Ink Kid, completed in 1929 and was never released to the public, until 2000, when it was featured in Toonheads: The Lost Cartoons. The render of him featured in this logo came from a lobby card for the cartoon.
  • Bosko was the star of 39 cartoons of Looney Tunes appeared from 1930 until 1933 and the first 2 Happy Harmonies from MGM. The reason why he appeared on the first 2 Happy Harmonies is because when his creators Hugh Harman and Rudy Ising left WB, they took Bosko with them.

Variant: Sometimes, the TM bug appears.

Technique: None or the iris.

Audio: Usually silent. Sometimes, the audio from a Looney Tunes short "Congo Jazz" is heard instead.

Availability: Can be seen on some releases of the time. This also appears on DVD releases from Image Entertainment such as, The Complete Uncensored Private Snafu, Presenting! Felix the Cat (a non-Looney Tunes video), etc.

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