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1st Logo (November 1983-1992)


  • Opening: On a black background, there is a red-outlined hand turning on a blue outlined television with an orange screen. "Blancic Video" in a blocky font is seen below the screen, which reads "¡QUE BUEN VIDEO!" The TV in the logo also has buttons and knobs to the right of the screen. Then, the screen zooms into the TV screen and fades out.
  • Closing: At the end of the tape or after the previews, the "Blancic Video" text zooms out, changing from red to blue, then back to red again, and the TV appears again, taking up the whole screen as it flashes once. The hand reappears to turn off the TV, causing the screen to go into static, then fading out before the rest of the logo does. Most of the time, the logo cuts to a message on a grey gradient background.

Technique: Backlit cel animation.


  • Opening: A synthesized whirring sound, then a "beep" as the TV turns on, and finally a chime with an electronic piano and synth-flute sounder, along with an announcer "Blancic Video siempre con las mejores películas presenta...". This translates to "Blancic Video always presents the best movies...". The announcer seems to produce an echo.
  • Closing: A series of high-pitched whirs, along with the same announcer-- "Blancic Video! Que buen video! Compre o alquila en su videotienda favorita!" (this means "Blancic Video! What a good video! Buy or rent at your favorite video store!"), along with the sound of another beep and static noises (which do belong to the original logo).

Availability: This was seen on a lot of NTSC-format CIC Video tapes in Venezuela; check Mercado Libre (the Latin American counterpart to eBay/Amazon) for copies. [Examples?]

2nd Logo (1992-2000)

Visuals: The sequence starts with a detailed space background, with moons and a red cloud. A TV screen flies in with the words "Blancic Video" written in the same font as the previous logo. The TV positions itself on an angle and the words lift off the TV and create a small shadow effect, much like a brand name on a real TV. The screen activates to show the familiar "¡QUE BUEN VIDEO!". The TV continues to drift through space as the logo, except for the screen, fades out.

Technique: CGI animation.

Audio: A loud whoosh followed by a descending space sound. A rather excited announcer will say the line depending on the following:

  • Opening logo: "Blancic Video! Siempre con las mejores películas presenta..."
  • Closing logo: "Blancic Video; Que buen video!"

...ending with a guitar riff followed by the swoosh sound.

Availability: See previous logo. It might be a bit more common considering that this logo is more recent. [Examples?]

3rd Logo (2000-Mid 2000s)

Visuals: On a black background, a countdown starting at 8 fades in and starts counting down. A TV screen with a clear gradient orange screen, black borders and silver edges, fades and zooms in while a filmstrip with orange filled holes and clips of movies in the spaces scrolls through the TV. A giant segway (a wheel on a camera) fades in at an angle and spins at a curved path to the bottom left corner of the screen. When the segway reaches halfway the path, the countdown ends and parts of the background zoom out to reveal a black and white eye looking around. The TV fades out and the segway spins out of the screen. "¡Qué Buen Video!" scrolls in front of the eye as the grid left behind crumbles away and the top "shadows" up. The logo then fades to a closeup of the TV rotating with the same words but stacked zooming into the screen. The TV then zooms in as it blurs. When it begins to blur, the TV from the closeup is seen with the words already in the screen and is smaller while "BLANCIC" zooms out with a silver-grey box with "VIDEO" zooming out later. The TV and words rotate down to face straight to the screen. The logo then shines brightly and the rays extend to engulf the entire screen.

Technique: CGI and live-action.

Audio: A majestic orchestral theme.

Availability: Seen on their later VHS. Maybe seen on DVDs. [Examples?]

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