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This is the production company behind the animated theatrical movies in the Pokémon franchise.

1st Logo (July 13, 2018-February 27, 2020)

Visuals: The Pokémon logo cuts in on a black background and shines once.

Variant: On international prints of Pokémon Mewtwo Strikes Back — Evolution, the Pokémon logo is smaller, and simply fades in and out. It is otherwise still.

Technique: Simple animation. Done by Wit Studio.

Audio: A chime sound. None for the still variant.

Availability: Seen on Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us and international prints of Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution.

2nd Logo (July 12, 2019)

Visuals: The Pokémon logo is seen on a white background with a monochrome-like appearance, resembling the franchise's Game Boy roots. Pikachu walks through the screen and jumps into the logo while he turns from a 2D sprite into a CGI model and the Pokémon logo turns into its familiar yellow appearance.

Technique: Sprite animation and CGI by Sprite Animation Studios.

Audio: The first notes of the original theme from the games, while reorchestrated when Pikachu jumps from the screen.

Availability: Seen on Japanese, Chinese and Korean prints of Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back — Evolution.

3rd Logo (December 25, 2020, October 8, 2021)

Visuals: Over a black background is the Pokémon logo with a trademark next to it. To the bottom right of the logo, Pikachu is sitting on a leaf while wearing a safari hat and a fanny pack that looks like Wailmer. He waves while his tail moves.

Technique: 2D animation. Done by Team Kato.

Audio: Pikachu saying "Pika!", as well as the opening theme of the movie.

Availability: Seen on Pocket Monsters the Movie: Coco, released internationally as Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle.

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Pikachu Project
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