Toho Animation

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Toho Animation (stylized as TOHO animation) is a Japanese anime production label founded in 2012, and owned by Toho, which is one of the top three film distributors in Japan.

Logo (March 15, 2013- )

Visuals: On a dimly lit white background, a cyan blue circle pops in before fading to black, along with brief red and orange bubbles. It moves around a bit and moves back to position. It then violently shakes and changes multiple colors, in which it forces into a triangle with multiple colors and then resting as a yellow ring, along with multiple bubbles. It then morphs to a cyan ring, then violently shakes to a red one, then finally an orange one as it starts to turn more into angular shapes. The ring then morphs into multiple angular shapes, rotating and flashing colors, as multiple rings come into the center. The rings then collide, briefly zoom into a screen, and then leave out multicolored bubbles and a pulse, settling as a black ring with multiple traces of color around it. Beneath it is "TOHO a n i m a t i o n" stacked on each other.


  • There is a shorter variant that starts just as the company name appears.
  • A 10th anniversary variant exists, which has the text "10 YEARS" underneath.
  • On the promotional videos for Kaiju No. 8, the logo is still, and the trace is turquoise, and the background is darker.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: A water drop is heard, followed by multiple cartoon sound effects along with sounds of a police siren and racing cars passing by and ending in a simple 2-note theme. There are also kids laughing in the background. The short version has just the 2-note theme.

Availability: The long version appears on Night is Short, Walk on Girl, Promare, and The Empire of Corpses. The short version can be seen on the English dub of My Hero Academia, strangely on digital prints of Shin Godzilla (a live action film) and many trailers and commercials from the label.

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