Kitty Film

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Logo (Late 1980s-Late 1990s)

Visuals: On a blue starfield, several blue lights spin around and then zoom out. After getting to a comfortable spot, the lights reveal themselves to be three copies of the blocky text "KITTY". The copies then merge together and clear up.


  • At the end of their releases, the text zooms out after its formation and before fading out.
  • At one point if it's a VHS or Laserdisc, "ENTERPRISES" appears chyroned in, with the whole logo fading out or the logo zooming out into the starfield as it all fades out together.

Technique: A combination of camera-controlled and traditional cel animation. Done by Studio Deen.

Audio: A series of reverberating synthesized flute notes, with a synth chord as the word "KITTY" is formed. There is shining sounds after that in the zoom-out variants.

Availability: Can be seen on VHS and DVD releases of Urusei Yatsura and Ranma ½. The "ENTERPRISES" variant appears on Japanese releases and another with the logo zooming out into the starfield that's appearing to be at the end of their releases. A warning screen also appears following that.

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