Disney Junior On Demand

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Logo (2011-)

Visuals: Same as the Disney Junior Originals logo, however "ON DEMAND" is below the logo.

Variant: An alternate version exists, where the sequence starts with footage of children outside on a sunny day. A flash occurs, transitioning to the original version.

Technique: Same as the Disney Junior Originals logo. The alternate version is the same as a Disney Junior bumper.

Audio: The Disney Junior Originals jingle accompanied by the same announcer from the Disney Junior promos saying "Disney Junior On Demand!". The alternate version had an extended version of the theme, and the announcer says "You're watching Disney Junior On Demand."

Availability: Seen on all on demand prints of Disney Junior shows, and, strangely, on Disney Channel On Demand prints of the Good Luck Charlie episode "Appy Days" and the Fish Hooks episode "Fish Out Of Water".

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