Canal 10 UACH

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Canal 10 UACH was a local TV channel launched in 1986. A property of both UACH (Universidad Austral de Chile) and Universidad de Chile on the city of Valdivia. It re-broadcasted most of the programming from Canal 11 (today, Chilevisión), alongside local programs. It would became another repeater station after RTU (at the time) was sold in 1993 to Grupo Cisneros.

ID (1989-1990)

Visuals: A white bar appear in middle of the screen, then the letter "N" colored red and the number "10" colored yellow appear flying to the middle and the end of the bar, respectively, and the letters "AL, and "CA" appear sliding to form the word "CANAL". Quickly after the word "CANAL" is formed, the color of the channel name is filled with animated rainbow colors, and the words "VALDIVIA" appear in the white bar.

Technique: Sprite-based animation which appears to be made on an Atari 5200.

Audio: A deep, ominous synth note with a Spanish announcer saying: "En su compañía, Canal 10 Televisión".

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