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Astro Ria is one of the first 22 channels of the Astro satellite television provider launched on June 1, 1996. It offers a variety of shows including news, local and Indonesian dramas, movies, reality shows, sports, talk shows, cartoons, concerts, sitcoms, documentaries, cooking shows, and quizzes. This channel is currently available on Astro channel 104.

1st ID (June 1, 1996-2001)

Visuals: On a dark blue background, there is a white light rising from the bottom of the screen. A transparent globe with brown-orange continents flies in from the bottom left of the screen and settles above the center as an orange-yellow light appears inside the globe. Two brown squares fly in and merge together, forming a blue rectangle with a brown-yellow square behind the globe. A blue "A" shape without the horizontal line flips in as the background splits to reveal an orange background with icons of abstract objects on it. As a light flies around the "A" to form a lowercase cursive "a" around it, multiple "ASTRO" wordmarks fade in and merge together at the bottom of the rectangle, and flashes. "RIA" fades in on the background and slowly zooms in, with another in a smaller size and a shadow-like silhouette at the right side of the screen slowly shrinking. The background starts flapping like a flag, the Astro logo zooms from us and settles above the center of the screen, and two violet curves flip in and settle under the logo, forming the text "RIA", which rotate towards the camera letter by letter.

Technique: CGI produced by Novocom, an American motion graphics company.

Audio: A 21-note orchestral rendition of the Astro jingle from the time, accompanied by drum sounds.

2nd ID (2001-September 28, 2003)

Visuals: On a violet background with a group of purple circles, a giant thick purple ring, and two translucent white thin rings, which all rotate in the background, the screen passes through four lavender rings with multiple smaller rings flying around them. A group of purple rings then fade in and merge together to form a single ring. The merged group of rings then spins rapidly and turns into the "RIA" logo from before, flashing a few translucent rings. Astro's website URL fades in at the bottom left of the screen as the logo shines.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A guitar and synth rendition of the company's twenty-five-note jingle from the time, accompanied by wooshing, glitter and sting sounds.

3rd ID (September 29, 2003-April 15, 2007)

Visuals: On a black background, a light is seen at the bottom right of the screen. A beam shoots out from the light. The screen then zooms closer to the beam, where we see footage of multiple programmes that aired on the channel playing. The programmes spin two times as the camera rotates for the light to be in a Y-axis line. We then quickly pan down as a flash occurs. When the flash dies out, two rectangles fade in and rotate to form a bigger rectangle, with the top being violet, and the bottom being lavender. The name of the channel appears on the rectangle, which obtains two interior curves.

Variants: Two breakbumpers from the time existed on the channel:

  • Pre-commercials: The animation of the logo is played in reverse over the first few seconds of the ident, with the footage of programmes on the rectangles changed.
  • Post commercials: Just the last few seconds of the altered version of the ident, slightly shortened. The curve and the texts are slightly bigger. The lights at the end also rotate anti-clockwise.

Technique: CGI produced by Sizzle Video, an Australian motion graphics and media production company.

Audio: First, there is a flute tune accompanied by drum sounds. We then hear four triumphant notes, followed by an orchestral rendition of the company's five-note jingle from the time. There may be a male voiceover saying "Anda sedang menonton Astro Ria. (You are watching Astro Ria.)"

Audio Variants:

  • Pre-programme: A few flute notes, followed by the first orchestral note and the orchestral rendition of the company's five-note jingle from the time.
  • Post-programme: An extended version of the few notes from before, followed by the company's five-note jingle from the time.

4th ID (April 16, 2007-January 2008)

Visuals: Against a background of rotating lavender shapes merged together, a flash appears at the center of the screen and forms a curved line, which proceeds to transform into a 3D version of the logo from before. "RIA" emits light for a brief time, and the logo shines.

Variant: There's an alternative variant where the background features purple liquid rising up on a violet background, and the logo flips in instead.

Technique: 3D CGI.

Audio: A six-note electronic tune accompanied by noises that depend on the variant.

  • On the variant with rotating shapes, two loud electronic stings are played.
  • On the variant with rising liquid, there is a loud electronic sting and a series of bubble-like sounds.

5th ID (January 2008-May 28, 2015)

Visuals: Against a background of purple abstract shapes, the Astro logo zooms towards the camera in an unknown technique. The logo transitions to the following scenes that take place in the background that are put in an unknown order:

  • A woman is seen dancing while singing with a microphone.
  • A man with a dark blue cap is seen breakdancing.
  • A man moving his fist towards the camera.
  • A man is seen singing with a microphone while holding his trophy. Two women appear on the other platforms in the background also singing. We can also see some fog in the background.

Those scenes are then followed by:

  • Two hands clap a clapperboard in front of a woman, who is presumably acting. The hands move away from the screen, unblurring the view of the woman.
  • A car spins around with white lights surrounding it.
  • Two legs with blue pants and white shoes are seen moving around as if they were dancing.
  • Several views of two women and two men walking together. One of the men has his shoulder behind the other man.
  • More footage of the two legs from before moving around.
  • One of the shapes from the background reveal an electric guitar zooming towards the camera, with four metal squares with an unidentified text behind it. The squares then explode.

The sequence then fades to a scene where we see another 3D model of the Astro Ria logo from before zooming and rotating from us as the two parts of its rectangle come together, and a light moves at the bottom of its top part. The logo settles after it's at its usual position.


  • Short Variant: The scenes were rearranged in this variant. First, there is a group of people singing on platforms, a clapperboard being clapped in front of a woman, footage of the four people from the ident walking towards the camera, which is sped up for a very brief time at the start, two legs moving around, a car spinning around and the electric guitar zooming towards the camera with the squares behind it exploding. The sequence then fades into the last scene of the ident.
  • Breakbumper: Just the last scene from the ident.

Technique: A combination of live action and CGI.

Audio: An electric guitar rendition of the company's eight-note jingle from the time accompanied by snare drum and cymbal sounds. The jingle is followed by twelve electric guitar notes.

Audio Variants:

  • Short Variant: The electric guitar rendition of the company's eight-note jingle from the time, which is played twice. We then hear twelve more electic guitar notes.
  • Breakbumper: Just the last few seconds of the short variant.

6th ID (May 29, 2015-)

Visuals: On a maroon background with a green light at the top right, there is a lower left isometric view of a glossy "RIA" text with its edges glowing. Some violet spotlights move away from us before coming back to transition to an upper right isometric view of the text. Green lights come in to reveal the bottom isometric view of the text, which is about to settle under the "astro" text and at the back of the rectangle. More violet spotlights come in to transition to a full view of the logo against an aura background, which shines as multiple lights surround it. Several out-of-focus circles can be seen at the top right of the screen.

Variant: The breakbumper variant features the last few seconds of the ident.

Technique: 3D CGI.

Audio: There is a few eerie stings and glitter sounds throughout. A whistle-like sound is heard, followed by an eleven-note piano tune accompanied by a few electronic piano notes. At the end, there is another whistle-like note and more glitter sounds.

Audio Variant: Just the first three piano notes accompanied by sounds indicated in the background.

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