Yle Teema & Fem

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ID (March 24, 2017-)

Visuals: On a gray background with several active and sketchy thick lines fading in and out on the sides and corners, we see the word "yle" inside a white rounded square and the large word "TEEMA" with the smaller word "FEM" below on the right side, as the whole logo slowly zooms in. There are also orange tiles changing their shape haphazardly behind the logo. These tiles then morph into a lime green dirty stain. The words "TEEMA" and "FEM" then fold away, being replaced by the large word "FEM" and the small word "TEEMA".

Variant: An alternate version has the sketchy background acting in a slightly different way, while the large "FEM" and small "TEEMA" are wiped out and replaced by the large "TEEMA" and smaller "FEM". Also, the lime green dirt behind the logo is replaced by several orange tiles flipping up.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: A monotone female vocal with an increasing or decreasing synth bass. Switching from Teema to Fem raises the woman's voice higher and the switch from Fem to Teema makes it lower.

Availability: Both variants are used during the switch of the program content between the two former channels.

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