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WGGT-TV was a station network in Greensboro, North Carolina. It was launched in May 9, 1981 and ran a general entertainment format featuring cartoons, classic movies, classic sitcoms, religious programs, and CBS network shows that were preempted by WFMY-TV the area CBS affiliate. WGGT-TV was renamed to WUPN-TV in 1996, and WMYV in 2006.

ID (1987)

Visuals: Over a blue background, silver futuristic "4" slides in from the left and silver futuristic "8" slides in from the right. After they connect, they do the same animation, but slightly zoomed in. Silver letters "WGGT-TV" are sliding in one-by-one in sync with the music. Afterwards, "48" is doing the same animation and silver words "The Great Entertainer" are sliding in from the right. White words "Greensboro High Point Winston-Salem" are fading in.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: An upbeat fanfare music with group of people singing "48, 48, WGGT-TV, 48, 48, the great entertainer!".

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