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WCAX-TV is a television station licensed to Burlington, Vermont, serving as the CBS affiliate for the Burlington, Vermont–Plattsburgh, New York market. It is owned by Gray Television alongside Saranac Lake, New York–licensed MyNetworkTV affiliate WYCI. The two stations share studios on Joy Drive in South Burlington, Vermont; WCAX-TV's transmitter is located on Vermont's highest peak, Mount Mansfield. WCAX was the first television station in Vermont.

1st ID (1990)


  • Early Variant: On a blue background with a navy circle, a golden sphere with a line is shown. Blue letters "WCAX TV" spin around it while leaving a reflection, and the sphere faces the right to reveal a weird object with a number "3" in it. The letters stop, and a blue word "Burlington" appears below.
  • Later Variant: The golden sphere in the left, blue station name and a yellow number "3" is shown with theirs copies going upwards. They soon curve.

Technique: CGI for the early variant, computer animation for the later variant.


  • Early Variant: A descending xylophone glissando, followed by an upbeat 5-note synth theme.
  • Later Variant: An upbeat triumphant tune accompained by a group of people singing "Get ready for Channel 3!" for the later variant.

Audio Variant: A rock version of the later version's ident is heard.

2nd ID (1995)

Visuals: On a black background, black letters "WCAX TV" with a CBS logomark below and the number zoom out and face the viewer. Colorful light rays then occur and connect.

Variant: Sometimes, light rays are not shown.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An upbeat chime theme, accompained by an announcer saying "Channel 3 Burlington.".

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