Television New Zealand

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Television New Zealand was founded in 1980 through the merger of TV One and TV 2.

1st Logo (1980-1982)

Visuals: On a moving space background, white lights in the form of four-pointed stars shine, making smaller white five-pointed stars appear in their place to form the Southern Cross constellation. More lights show up and form one giant star, colored blue with a light outline, and a red/white star appears in the center. The small star then zooms forward, flashing and making more stars appear and move to different sides of the screen, first to the right, then the upper-right, and then the bottom-right. The camera zooms out to reveal that the stars (the Southern Cross) and blue background are part of New Zealand’s flag, and a blue light passes through, "unfolding" the flag. When it finally stops zooming out, you can see part of the Union Jack in the top corner for a few seconds before the background turns completely blue, and the four stars merge together, at which point "TELEVISION NEW ZEALAND" appears at the bottom.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: Dings and a synthesized note held throughout the first part, that turns into an catchy and upbeat disco/orchestra tune.

Availability: Only seen for a brief time on New Zealand television.

2nd Logo (1982-1988)

Visuals: There is a blue outlined four-pointed star against a space background, with a streak of orange and pink in the middle of the background. The star zooms out and a white shape made of four four-pointed stars zooms in, and then flips over, forming a decagon shape with what appears to be a sunset inside, also zooming in. Red and blue shapes zoom out to form another decagon, then they zoom in again with a some tiles appearing in the center to form the four stars, and "TELEVISION NEW ZEALAND" appears underneath. The sunset background then gets darker before the screen fades out.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: A weird Moog synthesizer jingle that suddenly changes key halfway through and ends anticlimactically with a chime tune.

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