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Tamvisio was launched on 1957 as the sister channel of Tesvisio. The television channel's coverage area consisted of the metropolitan region of Tampere. Much like Tesvisio, it was a commercial channel with advertisements and sponsored programs being aired. Due to financial issues, Yleisradio bought both Tamvisio and Tesvisio in 1964, replacing both channels with TV-Ohjelma 2.

ID (1959-December 29, 1964)

Visuals: There is a still shot of the text "tamVısıo", similar to the main Tesvisio ident, on a black background. The "t"'s horizontal line extends across the screen, while its vertical line curves on the lower left corner of the screen and ends just below the large "V"'s tip point, and both "i"s lack their dots.

Technique: A still graphic.

Audio: A slow six-note tune played with a glockenspiel.

Availability: The archive footage is featured in a 1974 episode of the retrospective program Suomalainen rapsodia. The clip from the program can be found on the Yle Elävä Arkisto archive website.

TV-ohjelma 2
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