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TV2 (formerly Rangkaian Kedua and RTM2) is the secondary channel of Malaysia's state-run broadcasting company, Radio Televisyen Malaysia. It was launched on November 17, 1969.

1st ID (January 1, 2009-January 2011)

Visuals: Two idents are known to have aired on the channel, both over a thin, white border:

  • The screen zooms away from many orange square pads against a white background. The sequence then transitions to a background with grey and yellow rotating shapes and a giant, orange 2, which rotates to face the screen as it moves to the right. A flashing, yellow border appears on the giant 2 as the parts of the TV2 logo from the time (three parallelograms colored orange, amber, and yellow respectively, with a t in the first, a v in the second, and a giant 2 with a gray border in front of the third) fly in and the slogan, Dunia Ria wipes in. The grey and yellow shapes in the background begin shrinking and spinning rapidly. The background turns entirely white as the logo shines.
  • On a white-gray gradient background is orange, amber, yellow, and white shapes fall to form the TV2 logo from the time while repeatedly changing size. The view of the logo changes as the white border of the 2 merges with the logo. When the shapes stop moving, the logo moves away from us a bit as it faces us. The shapes move again as the 2 moves leftwards before returning to its usual position, while Dunia Ria wipes in underneath the logo. The logo then turns 2D.

Technique: CGI.


  • The main ident uses an electronic tune with a group of people (depending on their gender) singing "Tivi Dua... Dunia Ria... Tivi Dua!":
    • A group of men may sing the line.
    • A group of women may also sing the line, with the cymbal and piano sounds being omitted.
  • The other ident uses a completely different electronic tune.

2nd ID (January 2011-2013)

Visuals: On a white background, an orange ribbon flies in from the bottom left of the screen to the right of the center where it forms an enhanced 2, with the help of a brown layer. The ribbon flies away, leaving behind the 2. The 2 gains a black side as the parallelograms appear, along with the t on the left, and the v on the middle. A light then appears and passes through the logo.

Variants: A shortened portion of the logo appeared at the end of promos.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as before, but shortened.

Audio Variant: On promos aired on the channel during the time, it's the ending of the promo.

3rd ID (February 2013-December 31, 2016)

Visuals: Against a white background is a orange cube, which splits into 27 smaller cubes. The screen then cuts to show multiple cubes forming a sphere. Halfway through, the scene cuts to the TV2 logo (with the yellow parallelogram and the 2's border removed) flying into the screen part by part while spinning, along with the letters of the slogan, Dunia Ria.

Technique: 3D CGI.

Audio: A twenty-one-note electronic tune ending with a five-note piano tune.

4th ID (January 1, 2017-2018)

Visuals: Against a dark environment, multiple dark-colored cubes rise to form an expanding, decaying ring as they briefly turn to different types of orange. After another decaying ring is made, some of the cubes rise and turn orange to form what appears to be the tv2 logo. The camera rotates to face the cube structure. A flash appears, and the orange cube structure would turn into the actual logo. Another decaying ring appears as the background changes to a tessellated background with multiple flashing lights.

Technique: 3D CGI.

Audio: A DJ tune with a long, held chord at the beginning, three notes playing repeatedly, and four notes playing at the end.

5th ID (November 2018-March 31, 2021)

Visuals: There is a man forming an orange-yellow liquid with his fingers on a cream gradient background. The screen then cuts to a woman spreading her arms while the liquid surrounds her. The man from before is then seen doing a spin jump, followed by the woman posing to make the liquid surround her arm, the man spreading his legs out while using his hand on the ground and doing another type of spin jump, and the woman's hair being blown. The action of the man spin jumping is still in action. The liquid transitions into the logo being formed, depending on if it uncovers the logo or forms the 2 with the parallelograms sliding in from the number. A small light flashes as the letters of "DUNIA RIA" come together, and the logo shines.

Variant: When the logo premiered on November 2018, only the liquid in action is shown for a few seconds before transitioning to the logo's formation.

Technique: A combination of live action and CGI produced by rGba Studio.

Audio: An orchestral tune accompanied by guitar and violin notes.

6th ID (April 1, 2021-March 31, 2022)

Visuals: Against a dark environment, the screen zooms from multiple differently-colored parallelograms as small crosses, outlined semicircles, outlined circles, zig-zags, and lines briefly appear on the screen, blinking, being still, and/or moving. The screen then zooms towards the background, where we see multiple parallelograms appear to form a number "2". A few light beams shoot, and some of the parallelograms change color. Upon frame inspection, the "2" disappears, and several differently-colored shapes transition to multiple curved pads flying. The sequence then transitions to a view of the giant "2" from the previous logos, with multiple more differently-colored ones behind it. The sequence then transitions to the view of the top of the group of numbers, which the camera pans to the end of the group, and another light beam shoots. The group of the numbers the faces us and zoom towards the camera, transitioning to the tv2 logo coming together, as "D U N I A R I A" fades in below, a glowing dusty explosion appears, and multiple lines form in the background before fading.

Technique: 3D CGI.

Audio: An eight-note dubstep tune that repeats seven times, followed by a three-note guitar tune.

7th ID (April 1, 2022-)

Visuals: Against a dark skybox with a surface made of dark quadrilaterals, multiple orange parallelograms merge together to create a bigger one. The parallelogram then hits the surface, causing it to break apart and reveal multiple differently-colored parallelograms. The differently-colored parallelograms begin to fly and form a spiral, transitioning to a solid 2 being formed with the differently-colored parallelograms surrounding it. Different views of the parallelograms flying around the giant 2 are then shown as the latter duplicates. When the parallelograms fly towards the camera between a section of the 2, the scene transitions to the parallelograms forming the two orange parallelograms, which flip to reveal the t and v, forming the tv2 logo. The model of the logo then turns 2D, giving the 2 its gradient as the letters of the slogan, Dunia Ria, fade in letter by letter and get close together.

Technique: 3D CGI produced by rGba Studio.

Audio: A dubstep tune.

TV2 (Malaysia) (1990-2006)
TV2 (Malaysia)
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