RTP1 (1955-1990)

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1st ID (1976-1978)

Visuals: On a black background, a white "1" suddenly slides in, with a light grey trail with a grey streak coming behind it. The "1" goes off-screen before sliding back in. The letters "RTP" then appear one by one in black.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: A loud piano ditty.

2nd ID (16 October 1978-7 March 1980)

Visuals: It starts with a white ring in the middle on a black background. The ring slowly expands to give room for 3 more rings all in the same ring's former position, all in sync with the music. The rings then rotate and wipe away in a clockwise fashion, only leaving the bottom-right portion left. The ring portion then rises to give space for 4 vertical lines to wipe in below the portion, as well as the other half of the ring to wipe in in a clockwise manner, forming the RTP1 logo. Once the action is complete, each ring then individually rapidly flashes from smallest to largest, which is sustained various times until the same logo from before reappears. "RTP-1" then wipes in from right to left underneath the logo.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: The last few seconds of "Derby Day" by Robert Farnon, which was also used in the 1959 RTP logo.

3rd ID (7 March 1980-February 1981)

Visuals: A yellow circle zooms away from the screen against a black background. The circle then splits in half to reveal a smaller yellow circle hiding inside the circle, which then the two halves of the circle then transform into yellow wisps to reveal the smaller circle, forming a stylized eye. The eye then shrinks and moves to the left side of the screen, as "RTP-1" in yellow wipes in right next to the eye letter by letter.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: A high-pitched piano ditty synced with the animation, ending with a held piano chord.

4th ID (February 1981-21 March 1983)

Visuals: On a black background, four red stars quickly zoom in and spread out into more stars before disappearing. A blue box with a light yellow border, a "1" attached on the top and "RTP" on the bottom fades in and zooms out.

Technique: Cel animation and camera-controlled animation.

Audio: A bell tune.

5th ID (July-17 October 1983)

Visuals: On a space background, the red and white letters "R", "T", and "P" fly into place as a "1" in the same colours flies into place. The letters stay in place for a second and then fly off screen as the "1" zooms up to take the entire screen. A star shaped flash appears, spins and shrinks on the "1".

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A soft synth theme.

6th ID (18 October 1983-22 March 1984)

Visuals: On a black background, two sets of stripes are drawn in, with the stripes on one being green, red, and yellow, and the other having the same colours but with blue instead of green. While they are being drawn in, the letters "RTP", in blue with a white outline, flip in one by one. The stripes curve and then collide with each other. The logo zooms in towards the middle of the collided stripes and expand. A white "1" inside a red circle with a white outline zooms in as the stripes disappear.

Technique: Traditional animation.

Audio: A synth xylophone tune.

7th ID (23 March 1984-November 1985)


  • Normal: On a black background with multicoloured lines and flashing dots, "RTP 1" in a Sinaloa font zooms in as a red rectangle zooms out. They then come together to form the logo.
  • Nighttime: On a blurry shot of a night sky projection, the camera slides out to reveal a camera shrouded in darkness. "RTP" zooms in while flipping in and the "1" zooms out. When they meet, a red rectangle fades in.

Technique: Camera controlled animation.

Audio: A synth tune that has a warble effect on the last note. The nighttime version has a dreamy piano arpeggio.

8th ID (November 1985-17 October 1986)

Visuals: On a black background, two lights draw a box made of shining blue and red lines (which is a stock template from Cascom). The then-current RTP1 logo, which is the text in a white rectangle with a diagonal cut near the "1", zooms in. When the logo meets the centre of the box, it fades out.

Technique: Camera controlled animation and the Cascom stock template.

Audio: A piano tune with twinkles near the end.

9th ID (13 October 1986-November 1988)


  • Normal 1: On a black background, a small white circle is seen in the middle of the screen. It then zooms in as a green cube, a blue sphere, and a red pyramid spin around the circle. When they are close enough to the screen, the shapes compress into a "1" shape and the "RTP typeface slides out. The sphere then turns 2D.
  • Normal 2: On a light blue background with a black floor, a spinning red pyramid drops down and lands onto the floor. A spinning green cube also drops down and lands onto the floor. A blue sphere rolls into its place and the pyramid stops spinning. The camera pans down to a black background as the shapes come together to form the logo. The "1" fades in and the "RTP" typeface slides out.
  • Short: On a black background, the shapes quickly flip and fly into place while in 2D. When they come together, the rest of the logo appears and turns to 3D, either turning to the left or right.
  • Sign-On: On a space background, what appears to be a meteor zooms into the darkness, faintly flashing in white at one point. A diagonal white line expands outwards while off centre and flips towards the screen, forming a red square that rotates before turning into a cube with green and blue sides. The blue section overtakes the entire screen, as white lines form on it. A flash then appears and the blue screen opens up, revealing a land of red circuit lines running through a green board, with sparks in them as well. A sky is also seen, as well as blue, red, and green pyramids. The camera zooms towards the pyramids, and the board slides away to reveal a yellow ground. The camera spins around the pyramids a bit, before they rise out of the ground and turn into cubes. They spin around a bit and the blue cube takes up the whole screen, before the cubes become spheres on a dark blue background. They zoom out and revolve a bit, before the blue sphere comes up to the screen again. It zooms out and reveals the shapes from the normal logo on a black background. They take their usual positions, the "1" appears, and the "RTP" typeface slides out.

Variant: In 1987, the short variant features the RTP 30 Anos logo sliding in, but with the "RTP" text blacked out. The music is also a short version of that logo.

Technique: CGI.


  • A twinkly synth tune.
  • The same tune, but extended for an extra verse.
  • The same tune, but cut down to the 2nd verse.
  • A synth version of the original RTP theme "Derby Day", with choirs, lasers and other sounds.

10th ID (November 1988-17 September 1990)

Visuals: Over a black background is many glass shapes in different shades of blue. They move to form a box as the camera pans. A glass "1" slides in the space and it turns green as the "RTP" typeface, also in green, fades in beside it.


  • Later on in the logo's usage, "CANAL" appears under "RTP".
  • The startup variant is the same as that of the previous logo, but it fades to the normal version of the logo forming as the spheres rotate.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A majestic synth tune.

RTP1 (1955-1990)
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