RTC (Portugal)

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Radiotelevisão Comercial (Commercial Radio Television) was RTP's advertising company.

ID (January 2, 1989-December 1991)

Visuals: The camera pans out of a golden 3D U shape structure, which is actually a deep indent atop the diamond. It continues to zoom out to reveal two metallic-gray curves (the bottom one being smaller). The curves are formed to resemble an eye. Below that is the spaced out letters RTC in white. The curves briefly rotate towards each other and the diamonds briefly adjusts its size, giving the eye a "blinking" effect.

Variants: Many of these idents have an addition of cel animation inside of the diamond's indent:

  • One variant has various foods, drinks and other objects (such as a microphone, a heater, a record, a slice of bread, a scooter and a saxophone). There are also a few musical notes and a "WHAM" in yellow which subsequently expands and explodes.
  • Another variant has the features of a sky (the sun, clouds and birds) and a pilot flying a plane. Zooming out, there is a beach umbrella, a beach ball bouncing and a man laying on a beach towel. Various shapes are seen flying out towards the screen after the pilot flies up out of the screen.
    • A Christmas variant of this ident exists as well. It's basically the same ident, but with BOAS FESTAS "Happy Holidays" flying out of the triangle and placing itself next to the eye after the eye blinks.
  • Another ident shows a skier skiing across the indent. Multiple snowballs and trees are shown flying across the screen.
  • There's a short variant that just shows the eye blinking. There is no cel animation in that specific ident.

Technique: A mix of cel-animation and CGI.

Audio: Unknown.

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