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1st ID (1985)

Visuals: On a black background, the logo starts with Cascom stock footage of a roll of film with perforations lighting in sequence, as the words "Films" zoom in to fill the visible frames. This scene fades to another Cascom stock footage of a satellite dish against an orange glowing blue globe, as a dotted laser zaps into and out of the feed horn. The word "from" zooms out from the horn as the dish zooms out of view to the bottom left, and when another dotted laser flashes past, the Mirrorvision logo zooms in from the left.

Technique: 2D animation with stock footage.

Audio: A synth tune.

2nd ID (1985-1986)

Visuals: On a blue/light blue background, we have a silver skinny bar that spins and reveals itself to be an upside-down triangle. During the revealment, a blue "M" expands. It turns itself to face the camera and then, the triangle faces us too. During that, the text "MIRRORVISION" slides in like a mirror.

Variant: At night, the text "AFTER HOURS" would be chyroned in below "MIRRORVISION", but on movie times, "MOVIES" would be.

Technique: Outstanding animation for the time.

Audio: A calm synth theme.

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