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La Première (shortened to La 1ère and previously known as simply 1ère) is a network of public channels owned by France Télévisions, created in 2010 in replacement of the RFO (Réseau France d'Outre-Mer) which was integrated into the holding in 2004. Each channel operates independently across France's overseas islands and departments, with its own programming and schedules. As such, only a few elements are shared between them, namely the news intros and the idents. In essence, La 1ère operates similarly to France 3 in metropolitan France, the major difference between the two is that the La 1ère channels are independent from each other, whereas France 3's regional network is comprised of a national feed that occasionally hands over to the regional feeds (although some regions such as Corsica have their own unique regional feed, similar to the La 1ère channels).

As with RFO before it, La 1ère's news bulletins would be broadcasted in metropolitan France on France Ô until the channel's closure. Afterwards, a condensed bulletin regrouping news from across the islands, Outremer L'info, would be broadcast on France 3 before the midday news while weather broadcasts dedicated to the islands are still broadcast on France 2.

1st ID (November 30, 2010-2012)

Visuals: As with the other France Télévisions channels, 5 lines shoot outwards from the 2008 France Télévisions logo before converging into a single yellow line, which becomes the channel's logo. The word "présente" slides from under the logo to the right while the name of the island (in this example, Guadeloupe) slides in to the left.

Trivia: This is the only version of the sequence that shows the "francetélévisions" wordmark under the screens.

Technique: CGI by Ultimatum.

Audio: A deep 7-note synth before transitioning to a 3-note high-pitched synth, with the third note held until the logo forms. A scattered woosh formed by 7 notes can be heard under the 3 final notes before another woosh closes the audio as the words slide in. This is the same jingle used for France Télévisions channels for the 2008 branding and for France 2 until its 2016 rebrand.

Availability: While Guadeloupe 1ère's "presents" ident hasn't been preserved, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon 1ère's version is available on archival websites.

2nd ID (2012-2014?)

Visuals: On a yellow background, a yellow cube spins from us, turns into the Guadeloupe 1ere logo from before, and settles. The text "guadeloupe" in white pops up from the logo to the left, followed by "présente" in black to the right. The square then starts spinning and approaching the camera. The two texts then hide themselves behind the logo again, and the logo turns back into the cube from before and zooms towards the camera.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A six-note marimba tune, accompanied by reversed electronic sounds.

La Première
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