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DR1 is the oldest TV channel in Denmark and the primary channel of Denmarks Radio. It was launched in 1951. It was the only available TV channel in Denmark until 1988. After the launch of TV2, they started using a 1 symbol, but the channel still kept the DRTV name. In 1996, DR launched a second channel called DR2, and DRTV was renamed DR1.

1st ID (1994-1996)

Visuals: On a black background with moving dark blue stripes, a blurred bronze DR1 logo (a rectangle with a "1" cut-out and the words "DR TV below) zooms out and then zooms in to the screen and starts to deblur, and when it fills the screen it stops. The logo shines a bit.

Technique: The logo zooming, deblurring and shining. [possible misuse]

Audio: Unknown.

Legacy: The darkness of the logo can scare some. [possible misuse]

2nd ID (1995-2002)

Visuals: On a black background, there are 2 silver lines at an angle coming from the top and bottom of the screen moving to form an outlined version of the DR1 logo. The lines trace the outside box and the "1" cut-out. When they finish tracing the logo, the ends are cut off and the lines finish the boxes.

Technique: The logo getting drawn. [possible misuse]

Audio: Unknown.

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