Channel 8 (Belarus)

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Channel Eight (Восьмой канал) is a federal, formerly capital, family and entertainment channel. The company CJSC states that Channel Eight is actively involved in the production of documentaries, presentation videos, television programs, reports, mini-films of advertising nature, commercials and music videos that can be broadcast on other TV channels.

ID (1993-1995)

Visuals: At a dark scenery is a darkened cornflower floor lightened by a spotlight, where there is a red number 8 standing on the left most with "КАНАЛ" next to the latter, where two pairs of "A" are flipped on the opposite, and that the "Л" stretches in next to the 2nd " letter. The said pairs then flip into their usual angles, whilst the screen backs out for a moment, then forth again to stand still.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Three held out piano-like notes with a synth-sounding follow-up.

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