Colton & Aboud

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This is the vanity card of writers, comedians, and former VH1 panelists Michael Colton and John Aboud aka Modern Humorist.

Logo (April 7, 2021-January 18, 2023)

Visuals: On a brown wooden background, there is a vinyl album with part of the record coming out (different each episode). The company name appears on it in different fonts also varying on the episode. It is next to The Tannenbaum Company logo.

Trivia: According to John Aboud on Twitter, these were created by Rotodesign (Patrick Broderick) as a treat for the patient viewer. They also created track lists for each album.

Technique: A still photograph with digital editing.

Audio: A 9-note bass theme. In some cases, the end theme of the show plays through the entire combo.

Availability: Seen on Home Economics on ABC.

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