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Cinédia is a Brazilian film company founded in 1930.

Logo (May 29, 1933-1951?, 1980)

Visuals: An outlined rectangle with an abstract palm tree which raises from the "d" of "cinédia" on the inside.


  • On Maridinho de Luxo, the logo is shown behind dark text, due to a possible mistake.
  • The logo's design may vary.
  • There's a 3D variant in Onde estás felicidade.
  • The logo is dark on 24 Horas de Sonho.
  • Reissues like Berlim na Batucada have the year of the movie shown next to the logo
  • For its 50th anniversary in 1980, the texts "50 ANOS DE CINEMA" and "1930-1980" are shown underneath the logo.
    • There also exists the same variant, but with "APRESENTA" next to it.

Technique: A still, printed image.

Audio: The opening theme of the movie or none.

Availability: Shown on most vintage Brazilian films, like Onde Estás Felicidade, O Jove Tataravô, Alô, Alô, Carnaval and Ganga Bruta.

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