Canal 9 Palmitas

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Canal 9 Palmitas (AKA 9TVCP) is a local TV station from the village of Palmitas in the Soriano department of Uruguay.

ID (September 26, 2021-)

Visuals: On a black background surrounded by looping footage of flames on most of the sides minus the top, a slowly spinning red oval appears having the text "9TVCP" in the front. At the bottom, the text "PALMITAS SORIANO URUGUAY", in white with a black shadow border, wipes in from the center to the sides. The logo keeps animating for more than 30 seconds, with ripples occassionally appearing in the background. The flame footage then cuts out, leaving the black background with the logo and text for a while.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A techno/house loop - actually an unknown remix of "Dile" by Don Omar (heard in full here)- with an announcer talking: "Estas viendo TV Cable Canal 9 Palmitas, las 24 horas junto a vos, con una selecta programación para vos, en el canal de la linea. TV Cable Canal 9 Palmitas. Buscanos en nuestras redes sociales: Canal 9 Palmitas en el Facebook, y tambien, a traves de su pagina en la web para todo el pais en su señal internacional."

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