Aktsionernoye Televideniye

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Aktsionernoye Televideniye (Joint-Stock Television in english) was a Russian television station located in Vladivostok, which started experimental broadcasting on August 1, 1990. In 1995, the TV station was renamed as "Gamma", and ceased broadcasting in 1998.

ID (August 1, 1990-1991?)

Visuals: The ident starts with the Pacific Data Images logo from the 1986 demo reel. After the logo is finished, the ident cuts to black for a split second before TV static is shown, becoming more pixelated. The text in lime:


fades in, along with the small text "ВЛАДИВОСТОК" at the bottom right corner. The static pauses the pixelation, and the ident fades to white.

Technique: CGI from the PDI reel, practical effects for the static, and chyron effects for the logo.

Audio: Same as the aforementioned Pacific Data Images logo.

Availability: The logo was seen in programs from the station during the IDs usage span. [Examples?]

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