AHI Televizyon

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Logo (November 4, 1993)

Visuals: On a yellow-orange gradient background with a gray frame, there are the words "AHI" and "TELEVIZYON" stacked on top of each other respectively. The text disappears before fading in word-by-word. After 9 seconds, the former text wipes out and the latter text flips upwards. The text fades in once more as the logo cuts to a black background, and the company name in a cyan Screener SC Regular font rises up with many copies of the logo appearing at the upper-right corner. The text, as well as the copies, turn pink, disappear, and rise up again. Finally, the copies fly to the left and disappear, leaving the entire logo following suit.

Technique: A mix of computer animation and analog computer effects.

Audio: An excerpt of "Tenna" by Sezen Aksu.

Availability: The logo was found in a November 4, 1993 television recording of the channel.

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