Radio-Québec IDs

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Balloons (1979)

Visuals: On a blue background, there is a family holding green balloons, with one of its members walking towards the other three. It then zooms into the balloons as they form a green version of the Radio-Québec logo.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: A saxophone tune and a announcer saying "Ici Radio-Québec".

Plants (1979)

Visuals: In a house, there is a window opening, as the sun rises up. The sun then disperses, as a green plant starts to grow, which almost fills the entire house. The plant then sprouts flowers.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: A piano and flute melody.

Television (1983)

Visuals: As a slideshow of different Quebec homes appear, all of them have a blue-tinted room with a television in the center. With each cross-fade, the Radio-Quebec logo in white is seen and is zooming out while tilting, along with the television and homes getting closer and closer. When the room is fully in view, the logo is now much smaller and it reveals a bit more detail, like flowers in the left corner, before it all fades out. The Radio-Quebec logo then quickly zooms in and rotates a bit, glowing brightly for a second before stopping.

Technique: Fading effects, 2D animation.

Audio: A soft and peaceful synth tune, complete with a rising warble at the end. This would be the general motif used for most of these IDs for years.

Seal (1984-1986)

Visuals: In an icy area in the day, a dark blue seal plays with a yellow and red ball, bouncing it on its nose. The screen zooms closer to the seal, and it eventually bounces the ball towards the sky, with a close-up on it. The ball then turns into the Radio-Québec logo.

Technique: 2D Animation.

Audio: A cheerful tune with a piano.

Doves (1984)

Visuals: Unknown

Technique: 2D Animation.

Audio: Unknown.

Dancing (1984-November 13, 1986)

Visuals: Unknown.

Technique: 2D Animation.

Audio: Unknown.

Stars (1984)

Visuals: Over a blue background, three women raise their heads upwards. The screen fades to a similar shot that also has two men looking towards the sky along with the women, before fading again to another shot with more people. The sky now has many stars filling it, and three of them form near the top of the center of the screen, which shine and zoom towards the camera. After the shine goes away, the Radio-Québec logo replaces it.

Technique: 2D Animation.

Audio: A mellow synth theme with some piano notes near the end.

L'autre Television (1986)

Visuals: There are two profiles, one with a image of a soldier with a gun, and one with a woman with blindfolds on her eyes and mouth. The left profile opens its mouth, which makes both of the profiles' eyes disappear. This leads to the soldier shooting the woman in the neck, making her bleed. The images then switch to a man with his arms up, right next to a gun, and a group of soldiers. The soldiers on the right then shoot the man in the chest, which makes him bleed. The image on the left profile then switches to an image of two soldiers, which makes both of the profiles charge up to each other, and explode, as a mushroom cloud forms, and skeleton versions of the profiles flash on the screen. A red "X" is then shown onto of the mushroom cloud. The profiles then return to the screen, but now have happy faces and parts of a rainbow on them, which fade into images of children. It then scrolls down to show two hands forming a heart, which a dove fades in. The heart disperses, and the dove zooms up closer, as the text "L'autre Television" appears below.

Technique: 2D Animation.

Audio: Battle music with horns at first, which is drowned out by gunshots and a rising wind sound. A peaceful piano tune plays for the second half.

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