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The NPS (Nederlandse Programma Stichting) was a Dutch public broadcaster, founded on April 28, 1994. On September 1, 2010, the NPS merged with Teleac and RVU to form the NTR. It was the only A-broadcaster without members and without a program magazine. From 1995 to 2006, the NPS broadcast exclusively on Nederland 3 and 3FM, and from 2006 until the merger in 2010 mainly on Nederland 2.

1st ID (1995-1997)

Visuals: As the screen pans, there is a field of white objects which varies through each ident. There is a red arc streak within a blue dot streak, with the words "nps" below projected within the field surface. Usually seen at random directions and/or actions.

Technique: CGI by Will Bakker.

Audio: An instrumental theme, ending with a short flourish. Composed by Bernhard Joosten.

2nd ID (1997-1999)

Visuals: The screen pans against a wave of a stylized picture. From the picture, there is the NPS logo cutout of it, within a stylized background. As the screen settles forwards, the wave decreases and the picture brightens, and the logo's colors are revealed.

Technique: CGI by Will Bakker.

Audio: An instrumental theme, concluding with three notes. Composed by Bernhard Joosten.

3rd ID (1999-2008)

Visuals: Over the black background is the word "nps" zooming out inside the paint-drawn red square, but it reveals to be a arc which also zooms out inside the blue square. Then, the background is revealing the dot to zooming out for showing the logo in the grey square.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: A synth version of the three-note jingle from the previous ID, or the closing theme.

Availability: This was rarely seen on other NPS programs, such as De Flat van Ali B and Vals plat.

4th ID (2008-2010)

Visuals: Against a white background, there is a 7x7 group of circles with "nps" cut out of it, with footages on each of them. Movements may vary depending on each ident.

Technique: Computer animation by KesselsKrammer.

Audio: A short synth theme. Composed by 310k.

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