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Nou (formerly known as Canal 9) was the main channel run by RTVV ("Radio Televisió Valenciana" in Catalan, the primary language of Valencia) which operated from Burjassot, in the Valencian Community, Spain. It was broadcast in Valencian and Spanish and it could be watched in the Valencian Community and adjacent areas. It had been broadcasting since the late 1980s. The station broadcast in stereo, and it was often possible to watch programs in dual language (original soundtrack and Valencian (or Spanish) dub). Nou closed on November 29, 2013 due to a labor force adjustment plan for the station.

Canal 9

1st ID (1989-2003)

Visuals: On a black-gray gradient background, multiple shapes (a red circle, 3 yellow triangles, 3 curves [one gray, one white, one blue]) start spinning above a moving wall. The screen then pans down 140°, which causes the wall to stop, making blank lines. A green triangle and a blue circle fill them in. The screen pans 45°, causing the wall to fade out, to reveal that the triangle and circle are in an atom. A yellow line slices in the screen from the top right to the bottom left, and a yellow circle zooms in. The atom then moves off-screen to let a red line in. The red line forms the number "9". The blue curve from the beginning slides in and the logo pans up another 45°. A gray banner that reads "TELEVISIÓ VALENCIANA" pans up as well. 3D letters that read "CANAL" cut through the curve, causing the word to become a cut-out. A white background fades in. The logo shines, then turns 2D.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A synthesized theme which culminates into a fanfare.

Availability: Seen on Canal 9 programming from the time.

2nd ID (1990)

Visuals: See "Variants".


  • 1st Variant: An orange line forms the "9" number from the first logo. An orange curve (also from the first logo) slides in, forming the same Canal 9 logo from the 1st logo.
  • 2nd Variant: There is a transparent filmreel over a blue star background with still searchlights (a la 20th Century Fox), although they are on. There is the same Canal 9 logo from the first logo in red-black-white gradient.
  • 3rd Variant: We see white and gray borders come together. A red "X" slides down, causing the borders to slide away as well. We then move to another frame to reveal the red Canal 9 logo, but without the curve. It then fades in as a blue curve.

Technique: CGI, with 2D animation in the variants.

Audio: An eleven-note synth theme with six guitar-like notes in the middle.

Availability: See the previous IDs.

3rd ID (1993)

Visuals: Geometric figures, (usually curves, arrows, triangles, rectangles, circles, among others, in yellow, blue, red and gray colors) sequentially appear on a white background performing different routines: turning on themselves, moving from one side to the other, appearing and disappearing or emerging from others on the same screen. They will then proceed to arrange themselves to form the logo of canal nou.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as the third variant.


ID (October 9, 2013-November 30, 2013)

Visuals: On a gray background comprised of large moving triangles, multiple cyan triangles flip and slide in to form the Nou logo. At the same time, the screen zooms out to unveil the logo.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An electronic soundtrack with drumbeats.

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