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Kanal 5 is a Swedish TV network owned by SBS Discovery Media. It was named Nordic Channel at launch in 1989, TV5 Nordic in 1991 and Femman in 1994 before finally adopting the name Kanal 5 in 1996.

1st Logo (1989-1991)

Visuals: We see the formation of spikes in different colors that form a part of a star. Then a 3D-Model of the word "NORDIC" flies from the screen below them. At the bottom a red rectangle appears on which the words "channel" and "din nordiska kanal" get written.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: A small fanfare.

2nd Logo (1991-1996)

Visuals: We see a lot of scenes involving men and women in front of a black and white decor.


  • Starting 1994, the humans are duplicated.
  • In 1996 they used animation instead of live-action like was the case in previous idents. Featuring a man getting hurt, a baby crying and a cat trying to hit a bird.
  • The startup variant consists of various types of imagery, such as a beer can that opens and a doorknob. At the end a red car would appear.

Technique: 2D animation, live-action or CGI, animated by Lambie-Nairn


  • Normal variant: Beatbox
  • 1996 variant: Drum in addition to many screams.
  • Startup: Many noises, such as a telephone ring.

3rd Logo (1996-2001)

Visuals: On an orange background after seeing a few smiling man in the background a circle forms itself after which a 5 appears.


  • Sometimes it would take place behind an orange background
  • There is a closedown variant with an ice background, where the logo is already formed and squares are to be seen next to it.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Unknown.

Note: From this point onward there has to be clearly said that Kanal 5 did not have a specific ident, but that it commissioned to multiple companies for them, similar to MTV prior. The next ones will therefore be in chronological alphabetical order and referred with their nickname.

Dance (2001)

Visuals: First we see a woman dancing. Then it cuts to the other people dancing before it is finally revealed that they are together forming a 5 in a circular-like light.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: A disco theme.

Fingerprint (2001)

Visuals: First we see people in a police investigation room laughing at the camera and getting photographed. In the end they have to give their fingerprint. Then when one gives their fingerprint, the camera zooms in to show that it is similar to a 5. Then below in while the text Kanal 5 is formed.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: A more comedic fanfare. There is also whispering.

Terminal (2001-2003)

Visuals: Tables from the terminal are turning, while people pass by they form the Kanal 5 logo.

Technique: Unknown.

Variants: There is a 2003 variant that uses different sounds.


  • Normal: Drum
  • 2003 variant: An announcer speaking and piano music.

Umbrella (2002)

Visuals: People are dancing. At the end one of them holds the umbrella, which reveals the 5 logo.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Drum.

Band (2004)

Visuals: A band is playing on an electric guitar. While that happens some of them are lifted up. At the end it is revealed that it forms a 5.

Technique: Unknown,

Audio: A rock track. At the end some lifting noise is heard.

Drums (2004)

Visuals: A black man in a black suit is screaming and dancing. While that happens people play on trumpet and drum, a white female DJ plays and one of the trashcans that is being drummed on gets hit flying in the air, revealing a 5.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Trombone and drum.

Medicine (2004)

Visuals: A scientist examines Newton's third law by using a collection of steel balls. One of them ends up flying into the air. The doctor then, fully stunned, takes an aspirin. The substance forms the Kanal 5 logo.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: A comedic fanfare.

Pistol (2004)

Visuals: A police officer takes a gun and trains himself with a target. He hits it 5 times, causing it to get destroyed. As he leaves, the logo gets visible behind him.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Trombone.

Diamond Factory (2005)

Visuals: Diamonds are falling. Then a person examines it closely and puts it on a pedestal. After a few more are put on it they turn round and form the logo.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Guitar and glass xylophone.

Suburbia (2005)

Visuals: Grass, streets and houses get formed. You see smiling women and at the end of the ident cars drive around something that reveals itself to be a 5.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Harp and a choir of some sort.

Shredder (2005)

Visuals: Paper gets destroyed by a shredder and form a 5 in the bag.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Exactly the one you expect a shredder to do.

Piccadilly (2005)

Visuals: A plaza where people walk falls underneath. The sequence forms the Kanal 5 logo.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: A classical theme.

Pinball (2005)

Visuals: A pinball is bounced on the field. It ends up in a sequence that forms a 5.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Violin and some pinball sounds.

Filmlab (2006)

Visuals: Film is turned. As that happens an OK is triggered, forcing different compartments to form a 5.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Synth and a choir at the end.

Make Up Not War (2006)

Visuals: We see mirrors turning, flying eyelatch planes and a gun shooting lipstick. At the end there is one picture of the whole army.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Drum, violin, and clocks at the end.

Skypirates (2006)

Visuals: Televisions are flying by while hands are swordfighting against each other and flashes fly by. They ram into each other and form the logo.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: A fanfare.

Tunnel (2006)

Visuals: There are people in yellow suit. One is driving a motorcycle, one is skiing and a few are riding a bike. They enter a passage that is slowly getting closed down, revealing a 5.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Synth.

Theater (2006)

Visuals: Through a lot of holes a group of men are presenting themselves while the camera goes behind the scenes, revealing grass, more men and at the end skeleton hands with a 5 on which there is a text saying applause.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Guitar, oboe, and trombone.

Vertigo (2006)

Visuals: A kid is opening a door and running the stairs. Multiple kids throughout time will do the same and this will reveal the logo.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Violin and glass xylophone.

Pepparkak (2008)

Visuals: We see a peppercookieman sleeping. Then someone opens the oven while those are alive. Then someone is eating them. We see one of them saying "Oh no, she's eating Henry". Then someone calls to get quickly an ambulance to keep this guy alive. After which we switch to a scene full of medical drama. At the end, it turns out to be all a dream while a 5 swings in below.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Violin.

Elephant (2009)

Visuals: Elephants jumping on trampolines.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Drum and some elephants screaming.

Nature (2009)

Visuals: We see weird planetary constructs including a grass 180° hill, an orca eating a submarine that is eating a fish and a bunny trapped in a house. After those small parts we see the whole picture.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: A small instrumental piece.

Planet (2009)

Visuals: While two ladybugs are starting to be made, a raindrop falls from a leave on a mushroom, revealing a butterfly and a parrot flying away, after which we see planes and the whole planet.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Xylophone.

Sugarweekend (2009)

Visuals: We see sugar bottles. After which there gets hammered on dice on which "love, work, play" is written. At the end gummy bears are released and dance.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: A techno piece.

Supermarket (2009)

Visuals: Someone is fishing. We zoom in below where packages fall and below that where people are watching ice. After it it zooms on all floors.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Violin and guitar.

Digital (2009)

Visuals: We see multiple objects dancing, after which a giant ball comes along of which squares fall, ducks jump out of and a broken game of tetris is played, after a while the whole thing explodes.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: A techno piece.

Vanity Air (2009)

Visuals: A luggage is checked in after which it boards a plane.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Synth of some kind.

(Christmas 2012)

Visuals: The animals from Alice in Wonderland eat a monster that resembles a 5. After eating it one burps it out.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Violin.

(Easter 2013)

Visuals: Chicks are watching an egg hatching. The chick turns out to be deformed.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Guitars.

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