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Cartoon Network (often abbreviated as CN) is an American cable television channel owned by Warner Bros. Discovery. It was launched on October 1, 1992, and primarily broadcasts animated television series, mostly children's programming, ranging from action to animated comedy. Cartoon Network primarily targets children 7-14, while its early morning Cartoonito block is aimed at preschoolers aged 2-6, and its overnight daypart block Adult Swim targets older teenagers and young adults, 18-34 (the latter is treated as a separate entity for promotional purposes and as a separate channel by Nielsen for ratings purposes).

Checkerboard (October 1, 1992-March 1, 1998)

Visuals: See Variants.

Variants: Unknown.

Technique: It depends on the variant.

Audio: It depends on the variant.

Availability: The "Rollercoaster" variant can be seen on A Flintstones Christmas Carol on VHS.

Starburst (also known as Mini) (1997-March 1, 1998)


Powerhouse (March 2, 1998-June 13, 2004)

Visuals: Depending on the variant.

  • Hunting: In a forest environment, we see Daffy go to a sign that says "RABBIT SEASON", and he says what is on the sign, then Bugs walks up and rips the sign to see "DUCK SEASON", then he says what is on the sign, and the cycle repeats once. Then we see the 1992 logo, and the two look to the left to reveal Elmer, who smirks. The ident was actually a modified version of the beginning of a Looney Tunes short, "Rabbit Fire".
  • Cow and Chicken: We see Chicken in the bathtub. then Cow comes in and also jumps in the tub.
  • Dexter's Laboratory: Unknown.
  • Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy: Unknown. Produced by A.K.A. Cartoon.
  • Tom and Jerry: We see Tom and Jerry chasing each other and Tom breaks some plates.
  • Looney Tunes/Sylvester and Tweety: There's two, One, Tweety puts a fake version of himself on the floor and Sylvester eats it and his face blows up afterwards. Two, as pictured above, Sylvester tries to get Tweety with a fan on his back. but Tweety uses a screwdriver to stop him and Sylvester ends up dizzy.
  • Other variants exists. However, not much is described.

Technique: 2D animation by Primal Screen.

Audio: A re-arranged version of the 1937 Raymond Scott composition "Powerhouse". These bumpers were composed by Stephen Mank.

CN City (June 14, 2004-April 2, 2006)

Visuals: On a photorealistic CGI city (which also includes vehicles), we see various CN characters (mostly in their original 2D forms) interacting with the city, or each other. The CN logo always appears in walls and signage in the end, or the corner.

Variants: Sometimes, the 1992-2004 CN checkerboard logo is shown.

Trivia: These IDs are popular enough that they are one of only three logos to have their own page on TV Tropes, as opposed to being described on the Vanity Plate page. Here is said page. The other two logos with separate pages on TV Tropes are the AMC Theatres "We Make Movies Better" opening and the Cinemark Theatres "Front Row Joe" trailers.

Technique: A mix of 2D animation and CGI. The logo was designed by Animal Logic.

Audio: It depends on the variant. On one ident, an announcer says "This is Cartoon Network!"

Yes! (April 3, 2006-May 31, 2007)

Visuals: Unknown.

Variants: Unknown.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Unknown.

Summer 2007 (June 1-September 13, 2007)

Visuals: Unknown.

Variants: Unknown.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Unknown.

Fall (September 14, 2007-July 13, 2008)

Visuals: Unknown.


  • Sign-off: A boy does his normal routine, such as going to school and watching television. When the boy goes into the bed, we see the neighborhood with other people's houses. The logo writes itself on the night sky, followed by the text "Good night, see you tomorrow".

Technique: A mix of 2D animation and live-action by Shilo Designs.

Audio: "Fall is Just Something Grown-Ups Invented" by The Hives, which was used as the branding's official song.

Noods (July 14, 2008-May 28, 2010)

Visuals: Unknown.


  • This was created by Triston Eaton.
  • The Noods were based on the DIY toy, Munny.


  • Sign-on: On a black background, a blank Nood looks at the screen. Then, the Nood colors the screen to a white background. After that, two Noods appear, which both holding the long light. The lights turned on, and the same two Noods hold the Cartoon Network logo, which both cheer when the logo gets into position.
  • Sign-off: The final result of the sign-on ident without the Noods would appear. The Nood from before looks at the screen, before painting it black (or the Parental Advisory screen during its later years). The Nood runs away after that.

Trivia: In a bizarre departure from their typical business of manufacturing toys and collectibles (albeit the vinyl-like aesthetic of the IDs still gives their identity away), these were designed by KidRobot. The IDs were produced with Capacity Studios, who also composed the IDs' soundtracks.

Technique: CGI done by Crew972.

Audio: A hip-hop theme, composed by Dave Hummel.

Audio Variants:

  • During the start of the channel's broadcast day, a whoosh can be heard when a Nood peeks over, then a race car starting sound can also be heard when a Nood paints over the screen, several dings and a woop-woop theme are also heard too.
  • Also during the end of the channel's broadcast day, a man shouts "HEY!" when a Nood runs away.

CHECK it (It's a Fun Thing in Aussie and New Zealand) (May 29, 2010-July 2016 [March 26, 2023 in Canada])

Visuals: Depends on the variant. All idents end with the new Cartoon Network logo, with some start with the logo.


  • These were designed by Brand New School.
  • If you look closely enough in the sign-off bumper in 2010, you can see a CHECKlist with Johnny Test, 6teen, Stoked and Total Drama Action, both were aired on the channel at the time. Also, the clock during the ident changes several times. Originally, the clock stated 10pm. But in late-2010, the clock instead stated 9pm instead.
  • At one point, during the 2011 sign-off (later variant), during which the voiceover mentions about the website, there is a calendar with a black marker writing saying "9pm", a reference to the time Cartoon Network signed off at the time.
  • During the "Nose Opener" ident, one of the blank Noods appear at the end, on the bottom-right. Other places (such as Asia) that have Cartoon Network remove the Noods in this ident.
  • Several episodes were featured in 2014 sign-off idents such as:
    • Adventure Time: "Princess Cookie" and "Too Young" (separate bumpers)
    • The Amazing World of Gumball: "The Plan".
    • Steven Universe: "Coach Steven" and "Monster Buddies"
    • Uncle Grandpa: "Funny Face"


  • Balls Opener: On a cyan interior background with gold and black squares, a magenta ball explores through the maze, and later joins the other set of balls bouncing with the logo.
  • Balls Closer: Same as Balls Opener, but several balls are here, and a magenta ball enters in a other way, with no hole on the left. The ident also appears with a different music.
  • Changing Boxes: The box with cyan interior smashes in various sides into gold, magenta, black and white boxes, which flips over. The ident ends with the magenta box and the logo, and several stuff falls down.
  • Changing Boxes II Opener: The same box from Changing Boxes flips into several interior backgrounds such as in gold and magenta. In the end, the box flips into a cyan background with the logo. It zooms in after.
  • Changing Boxes II Closer: Same as Changing Boxes II Opener, starting at the part where it flips into a gold background. Without the logo, the cyan background opens into several colors such as gold and magenta. In the end, the box flips.
  • Cubes Opener: The same box from Changing Boxes has several cubes on it. Afterwards flips, revealing the logo.
  • Cubes Closer: Same as Cubes Opener, but the box instead is white. There are many different cubes in this ident. At the end of the ident, the box forms a checkerboard.
  • Cubes II: The same box from Changing Boxes is fully cyan. It flips into certain shapes in blocks, which form the logo as in the white box.
  • Cuckoo Opener: A box from Changing Boxes also appears here. Instead of being in a cyan interior, it was just an silver background at first. The box flips to a wooden plank, which lets out several cuckoo clocks. At the end, the logo appears on one of the boxes that the cuckoo clock popped.
  • Cuckoo Closer: Same as Cuckoo Opener, but it was played in reverse. The cuckoo clocks begin to be destroyed, until the wooden plank collapses, revealing the same grey box from the aforementioned Cuckoo Opener bumper.
  • Doors Opener: A black door would open, along with several doors (cyan, magenta, black and white), revealing the logo.
  • Doors Closer: Several doors (cyan, magenta, black and white) would close, with the last one having the logo.
  • Doors Closer (Holiday): The first product of the Slot Closer ident themed on their holidays was shown partially until it goes into the same like the normal Doors Closer, but themed depending on each holiday. Otherwise, the loop of the doors in the beginning.
  • Flip Flip Opener: The logo on the black CHECK it. background appears as usual as several squares flip to their respective colors (cyan, magenta, gold and black). The final result was only the black background.
  • Flip Flip Closer: Several squares flip to their respective colors (cyan, magenta, gold and black), with the last one showing the logo. The ident also appears with a different music.
  • Flip Flip Opener II: The box from Changing Boxes flips to a gold background, then changes to a white interior background with the logo on it, zooming out.
  • Flip Flip Closer II: Same as Flip Flip Opener II, but when it flips to a gold background, it also flips into certain backgrounds such as magenta, cyan and white.
  • Match It Opener: On a white background, a memory game was simulated with several blank cards and yes/no lights on the right. One of the two cards flip into a black background with a cyan lightning, with one being a magenta background with a ghost in tears. The "no" light flashes, which resets the cards. This also the same with a plumbing tool and a white poop in both black-white backgrounds, and a black-blue gradient background with a nose and the eyes and a still-blank card. The ident finishes with the "yes" light turning on and the logo split in two cards.
  • Match It Closer: Same as its opening counterpart, but instead there were black-blue gradient background with a nose and the eyes and a black background with a cyan lightning in the very bottom right in the end.
  • Moving Squares Opener: On a black background, we see several squares (cyan, magenta and gold) everywhere. They form the set and several black squares form the CHECK it background, which also includes the logo as well.
  • Moving Squares Closer: Same as Moving Squares Opener, but we only have cyan, black and gold squares in the beginning.
  • Nose Opener: A white nose was partially clogged with stuff coming out. Afterwards, we reveal the magenta background with the logo and the various items.
  • Nose Closer: The mouth, the conveyor belt and a shoe would appear on a black background, while several objects begin to get eaten by the mouth. This variant did not include the logo.
  • Side Scroller Opener: A pencil draws on white parts on a black maze, the ident turns upside down, when the logo rotates.
  • Side Scroller Closer: Same as Side Scroller Opener, but there is no logo.
  • Slot Opener: A casino slot was simulated with 3 squares being different types of a lip and a open mouth. The final product has a eye on the left, with the Cartoon Network logo on the right. The ident also appears with a different music.
  • Slot Closer: Same as Slot Opener, but the final product is a open mouth.
  • Spinning Box Opener: The same box with cyan interior from Changing Boxes would also appear, but it was spinning, revealing other colors such as gold, magenta, black and white. After that, the box changes into a gold box with the logo on it.
  • Spinning Box Closer: Same as Spinning Box Opener. Instead of having the logo on a background, the box "collapses", revealing the logo.
  • When the channel starts its broadcast day, these variants were used:
    • In 2010, a clock with several items (the cyan moon and a checkerboard) appears in a white background. The eye "peeks" on the clock, seeing that it's time. The clock flips into the time saying "06:00" (the time CN starts up), and the cyan moon turns into a sun with clouds. The clock flips again to the waffle being cooked, and the checkerboard turns into an "battery full" animation. The items on the right all flip into a toaster and a orange juice. The toaster squeezes on a orange juice, making the toast come out. Then, the waffle cooker flips into several gold, magenta and cyan backgrounds, forming the logo.
    • In 2013, in a mountain with a river crossing through it, a sunrise occurs. The "sun" is actually Uncle Grandpa's head from his self-titled show. Uncle Grandpa (Voiced by Pete Browngardt) says "good morning!", then the Cartoon Network logo appears.
    • In 2015, several characters' heads doing imfamous emojis. The logo appears as a emoji, and then as normal.
  • When the channel ends its broadcast day, there were variants of it:
    • In 2010, a CHECKlist with other shows (see Trivia) with several elements all flip until we only have the clock showing the times in Trivia. The clock turns into a text saying "CHECK YA LATER", which flips into the Cartoon Network logo.
    • In early-2011, a Cartoon Network logo zooms out. It folds into the "GOOD NIGHT!" sign, which suddenly zooms in. This variant would especially appear after Cartoon Network's online game promotions.
    • In mid-2011, a 15-second ident played. During the ident, the text "HEY EVERYBODY" was stacked on each other. It changes into "THAT'S IT FOR TONIGHT" and "BUT YOU CAN STILL CHECK OUT MORE". The Cartoon Network logo forms and zooms out. It cuts into a live-action scene with a magenta walls and a silver desk with a computer. The words "GO ONLINE" and "WATCH CLIPS AND PLAY GAMES" pops up in the computer screen, with a cat playing on the keyboard and the line separating the words. It cuts into a yellow wall with the blue TV screen saying "VIDEO ON DEMAND" with a cat holding a remote. Several electronics such as a phone, a keyboard and a tablet appear, being holded. As the bumper about to end, the off button was going to be pushed by a human hand, and it transitions like a TV turning off to the final product of the early-2011 sign off, just without a exclamation mark.
    • In 2013, same as the sign-on, but the "sun" scene was played in reverse (with the sounds normal). The head says "good morning!" one last time before the logo appears.
    • In 2014, several scenes featuring the show's characters crying (or being tired in this case) were played (see Trivia) along with the announcer stating that Cartoon Network was over for today, before the logo appears.

Technique: A mix of 2D animation and CGI. For the 2011 sign-off (later variant), a mix of 2D animation and live-action.

Audio: It depends on the ID, but all IDs use a new 4-note jingle (composed by Michael Kohler) that sort of sounds like the CBS jingle from 1992 to 2020.

Audio Variants:

  • When the channel ends its broadcast day during 2011, these sounds can be heard during the bumper:
    • In early-2011, there were the four-note theme, a whoosh and the channel's mascots saying good night to the viewers.
    • In mid-2011, an male announcer saying "Hey everybody, that's it for tonight, but you can still check out more Cartoon Network." Another male announcer says "Yeah, go online now to watch clips or play games." The same announcer from before says "Or check out video on-demand on your phone, computer or tablet." The other announcer before it says "Yeah, it's really easy! Well, as long as you have thumbs. Good night!"

Availability: It was seen on Cartoon Network programming from 2010-2016, but isn't used much anymore, though Cartoon Network's Canadian feed still aired some of these IDs until 2023, when it was rebranded to Boomerang.

Dimensional/Mashup/Redraw Your World (May 30, 2016-November 1, 2022)

Visuals: Same as before.


  • When the channel starts its broadcast day, these variants were used:
    • In 2016, the transition appears with the text "GOOD MORNING", another set of transitions bring up the message "FAVORITE PLACE" and then "FAVORITE SHOWS". The logo appears after that.
    • In 2018, the text "GOOD MORNING" appears in gold, and then several shows' characters begin to fly. The logo zooms in after it.
  • When the channel ends its broadcast day, there were variants of it:
    • In 2016, the transition appears with the text "GOOD NIGHT", which another one brings up the message "FAVORITE SHOWS" and then "TOMORROW". The logo appears after that.
    • In 2018, several shows' characters begin to fly, which begin to group into a circle, with the logo in the middle. The ident transitions into a text saying "GOOD NIGHT" after this.

Technique: From 2016 to 2018, same as before. After 2018, it uses only 2D animation. They were designed by Bent Design Lab, Troika Design Group, Awesome Incorporated and Bullpen Studio.

Audio: Same as before.

Audio Variants:

  • When the channel ends its broadcast day, these sounds can be heard during these bumpers:
    • In 2016, a male announcer said "Okay, good night everyone. Thanks for watching your favorite shows. Come back tomorrow for more of your favorites!"
    • In 2018, several characters from shows aired at the time's voices can be heard. The announcer says "Well, this concludes an awesome day! Thanks for hanging out, and watching cartoons with us! We see you back tomorrow, on Cartoon Network. Good night!"

Split Screen (also known as Pastel) (October 2, 2022-)

Visuals: Same as before.


  • When the channel ends for the day, one of the CN idents plays. After the ident, the logo transitions into a rose background with the text saying "NIGHT NIGHT FRIENDS", which transitions itself to a green background with the white text saying "SEE YOU TOMORROW". In the last two seconds, it cuts into a indigo background with the white star zooms out, which briefly spins in the middle, and in the last second, zooms in.

Technique: 2D animation by Buck.

Audio: Multiple remixes of the Cartoon Network jingle, composed by Antfood.

Audio Variants: A sound of the TV turning off can be heard during the sign-off bumper.

Availability: The IDs debuted in Canada on March 27, 2023, with the rebranding of Teletoon to Cartoon Network and the original Cartoon Network to Boomerang.

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