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Clearvue was a Chicago-based educational company founded no later than 1954 to produce and distribute educational media. Clearvue was renamed "Clearvue/eav" in 1991, and merged with the SVE & Churchill Media in 2004 to form "Clearvue & SVE" before being folded into Discovery Education in 2007.


Logo (1990-1991)

Visuals: On a black background, the word "Clearvue" zooms in at a steady speed, rotating clockwise as it does. The word is actually a cote-out in the background, revealing a vertical rainbow pattern. After the logo stops spinning, the word becomes filled with yellow as the slogan "Educational Enrichment For All Grade Levels" fades in below in a sky blue Rockwell font.

Technique: Computer effects.

Audio: None.

Availability: It, along with the warning screen that followed it, was known to have appeared on First Steps to Learning (a.k.a. Fun to Learn Video Series and Laugh & Learn) and is intact on the VHS releases from United American Video Corporation and Slam Gold, but not on the Sterling/SVE re-releases.


1st Logo (1991-1996)

Visuals: On a black background, a large orange-red concentric square symbol is seen at the top of the screen. Below the logo is the following text arranged as seen below:

Presented by


CLEARVUE/eav, Chicago, IL

Technique: A digital graphic.

Audio: None.

Availability: Is is known to have appeared at the end of Walt Whitman: Poet of Humanity.

2nd Logo (1996-2003)


  • 1996-2000: A white background fades in via a dust effect, and on it, 7 segmented squares fade in one-by-one in a arc formation, also via a dust effect. The squares are colored in each color of the rainbow with a segmented gradient effect to each of the squares (segmented into 5 progressively thinner lines), as well as getting smaller and rotating towards the left the further down they go. They also cast a shadow across the background. In the bottom left corner, the text "CLEARVUE/eav" fades in with the dust effect, and then the stacked slogan "Audiovisual enrichment for all grade levels" fades in the top right corner. Everything then dissolves to the warning screen. Later on, the dissolve into the white background was removed, the squares appeared faster, and the slogan now reads "THE MOST COMPLETE SOURCE FOR CURRICULUM-ORIENTED A-V MATERIALS", which fades in and is in a different font.
  • 2000-2003: On a white background, the rainbow squares from before, but in a higher resolution and more saturated color scheme, fade in one-by-one by a "magic dust" effect to the right side of the screen. After the squares all appear, the dark blue text "CLEARVUE/eav", along with an underline and the text "THE MOST COMPLETE SOURCE FOR CURRICULUM-ORIENTED MEDIA", fades and zooms out, focusing in as it does before it stops.

Closing Variant: At the end of tapes, their phone number fades in above the company name.

Technique: Computer effects.


  • 1996-2000: None, or the video's opening/closing theme.
  • 2000-2003: A synth-keyboard jingle as the paint samples fade into position, followed by a percussion "thud" as the text falls into place.

Availability: The 1996 version was known to be seen on The Perfect Paragraph and Walt Whitman: Poet of Humanity. The 2000 version appears on Scientific Method and Lab Safety: Chem Games.

3rd Logo (2003-2004)

Visuals: Fading in from a white flash, the Clearvue/eav text from before, but in white and with the underline placed underneath all of the text, scrolls across the screen, while a glass segmented square pans across the text, all on a animated spotted teal background while the camera pans downwards. Then, it fades to an orange-colored version of the previous shot, but at a different angle and the text in black, with the camera panning across the screen. Then it fades to a purple spotted background as multiple glass squares zoom past the screen, several of which are filled with footage of educational content. After leading into a square filled with satellites, the screen flashes white to transition to a shady blue background with the Clearvue/eav text glowing for a second. To the right, the squares from before flash in one-by-one to complete the logo.

Closing Variant: At the end of the logo, the URL and phone number flash in at the end of the logo.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A otherworldly synth fanfare with a heavy percussion beat.

Availability: It is seen on Clearvue DVDs and VHS tapes from the period, such as Meet the Music Makers: Victor Violin and the Singing Strings.

Clearvue & SVE
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