Atari Games (1996-1999)

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In 1996, WMS Industries bought out the assets of Time Warner Interactive, and the Atari Games name was restored full-time to arcade games, while the Williams Entertainment (later Midway Home Entertainment) branding was used on home console games. In 1999, the Atari Games brand was retired, and it was renamed to Midway Games West to avoid confusion with Hasbro Interactive's new Atari brand, thus ending the 27-year arcade history of Atari for good.

Logo (1996-1999)

Visuals: There is a steel version of the Atari tripod logo in blue. Below that, there is the text "ATARI" in a futuristic font, and below it was the text "GAMES" in spaced-out letters, and it was in red.


  • On later arcade pressings of Area 51, a UFO flies over the logo, and the top part explodes.
  • On the arcade game of Maximum Force, the logo was created from a fire effect.
  • On the arcade game of Freeze, the logo stretches in, while the tripod is silver.
  • On the arcade game of Primal Rage 2 and San Francisco Rush, the logo shatters, and the copyright fades in below the logo.
  • On the arcade game of California Speed, the logo on a box fades in while the flag moves.
  • On the arcade game of San Francisco Rush 2049, the logo fades in as it zooms in over a blue circle.
  • On the arcade game of Vapor TRX, the logo fades from the title screen over a moving background.
  • On the Atari arcade version of Radical Bikers, the white logo is shown over a black box.

Technique: A still sprite-generated graphic.

Audio: None or the opening soundtrack of the game.

Availability: Seen on the last ever Atari arcade games, usually seen during demos on attract modes.

Time Warner Interactive
Atari Games (1996-1999)
Midway Games West
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