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Parkes+MacDonald Image Nation is the production company of American film producers Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald. It was originally founded in 2005 as Parkes+MacDonald Productions (P+M) before taking on its current name in 2012, when it struck a production deal with Image Nation Abu Dhabi.

Logo (November 7, 2008-)

Visuals: There is a close up of multiple white papers flying around, only for them to give way to a black background with the letters "P" and "M" sliding in from opposite sides of the screen. The letters connect to form the shape of a chair as some papers land around it. A sheet flies by to reveal the text "P+M" with either "PRODUCTIONS" or "IMAGE NATION" next to it. The text shines and the "+" and the "N" in "IMAGE NATION" turn cyan-ish blue as a sheet of paper lands in the "chair".


  • On the short-lived series Crossbones and the failed pilot of Warrior, the logo is shortened to where the papers stop moving.
  • A still version appears at the end of Dinner for Schmucks and the American adaptation of The Slap.
  • On Free Solo, the full "PARKES + MACDONALD" name is seen with "IMAGE NATION" below. Also, the logo is sped up.

Technique: CGI by Polyester Studio.

Audio: A fast-paced, dramatic pizzicato tune with a typing sound; otherwise, none or the opening theme of the movie.

Availability: It was first seen on The Burning Plain and later appeared on The Uninvited, Dinner for Schmucks, Men in Black 3, Flight, Free Solo, and Men in Black: International.

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